$100.00 reward offered.dunedin

russ39, Apr 28, 8:58am
in relation to tyres being slashed on a vehicle in pine hill last night.no questions asked,just want to talk to the person responsible,face to face.someone out there nows who it was.

pollymay, Apr 28, 9:01am
Do you owe money or missed repayments on something! Or does it seem like some stupid kids pissed off their faces.

johnf_456, Apr 28, 9:02am
I doubt you will catch them but all the best.

russ39, Apr 28, 9:11am
nope,nothing owing.and no enemies.till now

quickstitch, Apr 28, 9:30am
sounds like a pissed off ex-other half.

elvis58, Apr 28, 9:32am
Geez that sux Russ, hope it stays down there.Will keep my ear to the ground.

russ39, Apr 28, 9:48am
yeah mate,someone wants to get my attention,well theyve got it.

twaymouth, Apr 28, 9:57am
I live over in Opoho and 5 cars that I know of including mine had windows broken last weekend. Real pain, Neighbors say that it has happened more than once.

elvis58, Apr 28, 10:17am
Been ongoing problems over there since before xmas. A mate in James street had his old Subaru pinched and driven to Bethune's where it's contents were thrown around and the car torched.

twaymouth, Apr 28, 10:36am
Looks Nasty, I got lucky I guess they pulled the fuse box out of my car and tried to start it or something must have been real idiots, at the end of the day they got nothing

elvis58, Apr 28, 10:56am
I think it's local kids because the subaru had more than half a tank of gas which would have takenthem quite some distance, they lifted gear out of it to make room for passengers and then only drove it about 2k's, a crazy waste!

russ39, Apr 29, 6:29am
come on guys,someone out there knows whose responsible.around 2am night of the 26th

shaun16, Dec 24, 3:15am
my old man had 3 of his tyres slashed (ages ago and not same area) thankfully he has small 13 inch skinnies that were cheap to replace