Dunedin motorists info please

southlandstock, Apr 4, 11:34pm
I would like to get my car serviced with an oil change and everything else checked etc. What garage would you recommend for a satisfactory job done at a reasonable price. Many thanks in advance. It is a late 1990's Toyota Corolla.

elvis58, Apr 4, 11:58pm
What area of town are you in!I would recommend TM automotive in Howe street up the north end, but's it's something any garage can do and excluding franchise holders , the price shouldn't be hugely different.

southlandstock, Apr 5, 12:27am
Oh, thanks. I am up in the hill in Mornington and usually go to the Fitzroy but have wondered about a couple of places down in Kaikorai .I also think there may be an alternator problem because the battery light has come on once or twice.but it may be the fan belt.

sniper03, Apr 5, 1:06am
i second tm automotive : )

southlandstock, Apr 5, 2:44am
Great.sounds perfect. Many thanks :)

twaymouth, Apr 5, 5:26am
+1 for TM automotive, well priced and very helpful staff

toppo1, Apr 5, 5:40am
Otago Tyres, on hillside road all our company veichles go there. good guys and always helpfull

elvis58, Apr 5, 8:18am
There used to be a good mechanic at the BP mornington, his name isChris but he may not still be there. Be a bit closer for you.

southlandstock, Oct 3, 9:54pm
Hi .I have lived up here for many many years and had many many cars and I do remember getting some work done at Mornington (though not sure if it was a Chris) but I was pleased and I have also had dealings with Otago tyres over the years and find them to be very good as well.but a complete service has to be done and with a chance of it being the alternator, I want to make sure I choose the right one so will go to the motors down the North End. Many thanks for all your help.