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dingo011, Feb 29, 2:37am
My Kawasaki has a rear wheel that takes a 160/70 - 17 tyre. Michelin Pilot Road3 only comes in 160/60 - 17. Therefore I am guessing the side walls are a total of 10mm smaller / lower than what should be fitted! Apart from dropping the gearing slightly is there other reasons not to fit this to the rear wheel ( 1992 ZR1100 ) by the way!

ezekiel67, Feb 29, 2:38am
What brand/make are you running on the front!

desmodave, Feb 29, 3:56am
What difference is the brand going to make !

desmodave, Feb 29, 4:00am
Kazbanzshould be able top tell you when he see's this thread.You could ask on kiwi biker or call a bike tyre shop.I am no expert but i would be thinking that it would also slow the steering down a tad.

ambo11, Feb 29, 4:03am
My ZZr1100 uses a 170/55/17.if I were you I'd check up on original sizes.easy enough to get.

ambo11, Feb 29, 4:05am
sorry I meant 180/55/17

ezekiel67, Feb 29, 4:11am
You should be running the same tyre front and rear. He should match his new rear to whatever he's running on the front. Hopefully that brand will come in the size he needs.

If we know the brand and type we could try find out for him.

bitsy_boffin, Feb 29, 4:21am
I'm no mathematician type guy, but, I think the 70 and 60 are percentages of the width aren't they!

So that would be a difference of:
160 * 0.7
- 160 * 0.6
= 16mm difference in radius

17 inches is 431.8 mm

That gives us 327.9 radius @70
and 311.9 @60

Circumference (pi * 2r) is then:
2060.25 mm @70
1959.72 mm @60

Which is 10cm less distance per wheel rotation.

485 wheel rotations would have carried you 1KM before, and 0.950KM after.

So I think that means, (assuming previously accurate) at 100km/h indicated, you are actually doing around 95km/h. At 50, actually 47.5.

I wouldn't have thought there would be THAT much difference in handling, although you are potentially dropping the rear end by 16mm, it's not exactly a sports bike with highly tuned suspension etc anyway I think.

bitsy_boffin, Feb 29, 4:21am
A ZR1100 (what the poster has) and a ZZR1100 (what you have) are entirely different machines :)

desmodave, Feb 29, 4:25am
Would be more concerned with the profile and compound myself a brand is just a name.Is a different brand tyre between front and rear going to make it unsafe !

danchop, Feb 29, 4:27am
never heard of a 1992 zr1100!is that what a zepher is!

bitsy_boffin, Feb 29, 4:29am

kazbanz, Feb 29, 5:25am
Dingo this could turn intoa huge discussion.
For the sake of simplicity allowing you are using the same brandand matching model tyre on the frontthen the bike will turn a tadd slower and pick up speed faster. You might find the front feels a bit lighter.
Given though its a zepher750 you probably will only notice a slight improvement in accelleration.

I don't buy into the sales hype saying only buy tyres from the same manufacturer provided you buy tyres with the same profile type.
Generally tyres are either triangular or round profile. -mixing and matching profile types makes the bike feel like the front is fighting the rear end.
The argument regarding the top racers only running one brandis silly--of course they do---they are paid big dollars to run that brand

jantar, Feb 29, 5:53am
I usually run the same type of tyres front and rear, but not always the same brand.As long as size and profile is matched to the origional, the only other thing I do is ensure the compounds are similar.

Don't make the mistake of mixing a soft compound on one wheel with a hard compound on the other.You will seldom have both tryes running at the same temperature and that will affect both grip and handling.

rednsr, Feb 29, 7:10am
Do Kingstar make bike tyres!

kazbanz, Feb 29, 7:17am
but why!
What if you have a feather like touch on the throttle but are the utter demon late braker.--wouldn't you then think maybee a a med front and a soft rear!
Or visa versa. You are the king throttle snapper but brake 250 m before every corner.wouddnt you then go for a soft front and a hard rear!
Mehh --Im getting old --I ride the bike with its factory plastic rim protectors or a set of race attacks. I get a feel for the tyres and ride the bike according to how the tyres feel.

dingo011, Feb 29, 9:05pm
Ok I am replacing both Front and Rear at the same time, a Zephyr 1100 was re branded to ZR1100 when Ford objected to the name being used. The correct front tyre IS available ie 120/70 - 18 BUT the rear is only available ( closest match ) 160/60 - 17. The correct rear should be 16/70 - 17. So what I am asking is will this be a issue i.e. 60 versus 70!

kazbanz, Feb 29, 9:19pm
The bike will turn a tadd slower and pick up speed faster. Ie smaller od means faster accellerationYou might find the front feels a bit lighter.
Could I ask though. what has prompted you to look at the road 2's!
Not criticisingjust asking the question.

dingo011, Feb 29, 9:32pm
I am tossing up between Road Pilot3 and Bridgestone BT023s. Although orginally only 92 hp I have spent a couple of years modifing my bike. Now has ohlins front and back and with engine mods was dynoed at 138hp at rear wheel. Also changed brakes to cope with increased hp so alot more performance than stock. Apart from going for a weekend blast for an hour or so do some touring as well. Read good things about sport / touring abilities of Pilot3 but have heard BT023's are good as well.

kwaka5, Mar 1, 12:36am
Why not give the likes of cycletreads a ring and ask what you can get in your size. This may help you be able to decide.

granada, Mar 1, 12:25pm
I recently fitted pilot 3s to my CB900F and the profiles matched my originals. What a difference new tyres make.I dont have much knowledge on bike tyres and profiles so just buy as specified., will watch this thread as there must be some experts out there. as to what can be fitted to what rim etc.You obviously have your heart set on pilot 3s Dingo,

klrider, Mar 1, 7:09pm
Yep, I had a ZZR1100 C3, had 180 on the back as well, pretty sure thats what it came out with. 160 seems way to small.

bitsy_boffin, Mar 1, 9:38pm
Again, the poster has a ZR, not a ZZR.Two completely different machines.

dingo011, Mar 1, 10:11pm
well have decided to go with Bridgestone BT023's as they can be bought to fit both front and rear in the correct sizes. Michelin Pilot3 I would have to compromise on the rear as only do a 60 and not a 70. I tend to go through 1.5 rears before have to change front so good to stay with matching sets I guess. Prices of both are about the same as are the reviews so looking forward to scrubing them in. Yeah thanks Bitsy ZR and ZZR are very different! Although my bike is now equal in Hp is a bit of a sleeper.

kazbanz, Mar 1, 11:33pm
dingo--come back to us with how you feel about the feel of the bridgies

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