Kawasaki zxr400 '90 and kawasaki zxr750 '90-'93

cne_merchant, May 26, 8:35am
Any idea if the parts are interchangable between the 400 and 750!Mainly the "body" parts :)

Cheers for any help :)

richynuts, May 26, 9:19am
not body work. but some parts like brake calipers, switchblocks, footpegs,maybe best to keep with same model to save any hassles

cne_merchant, May 26, 9:27am
I am going for street fighter look, so def no fairings, but i find it to be easier to get hold of things like gauge holder (metal frame bit) , footpegs, forks, etcfor 750 instead of the 400 one. If minor stuff will fit , than all good :) also any idea if i can chuck the brake discs, callipers, from 750 to 400!The bigger brakes would be the only upgrade to it :)

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