Car rims.

lovewoodenthing, Aug 6, 6:10am
Can someone tell me, is it possible to have rims painted so they look shiny and mirror like chrome! i want to get mine done but wasn't sure if they did, so though to make an ass of myself on here rather in a shop lol

hatchback, Aug 6, 6:47am
Maybe a powder coat company could do something close

tortron, Aug 6, 8:48pm
There is a dip on plastic type "chrome" about, not sure if anyone in the country does it tho.
You could just get them painted and polish the shit out of them, should get a good mirror shine.Or if they are alloy wheels you can polish them

drew2009, Aug 6, 8:59pm
If you wana do a cheap and tacky job there is chrome spray paint lol.

michael.benn, Aug 7, 12:15am
Get some proper decent chrome (read: NOT SILVER, BUT CHROME) paint, if you do a proper job they can come out looking decent.

srrolla76, Sep 17, 10:04am
go to a custom motorcycle shop or similar, i went to one in taupo and they did chrome dipping of wheels etc