How much about does it cost to get a car repainted

cycotendencies, Aug 6, 6:27am
Want to get a old car repainted .It got no rust and only a few small dents . But it has a lot of chome moldings and things that will need to come off . I want a good job but not way over top .How much about should it cost

kazbanz, Aug 6, 6:28am

rob_man, Aug 6, 6:29am
Are we talking a limo or a Mini! There is quite a variation between makes/models/colours etc.

jezz43, Aug 6, 6:29am
how long is a piece of string, you havent mentioned what kinda car, what kinda paint job you want. what finish you want. who has to do the disassembly of the chrome

cowboy110, Aug 6, 6:30am
Kaz is trying to rip you off!I'll do it for a grand.but you supply the rattle cans.(Oh yeah.and the beer)

flat_white_ltd, Aug 6, 6:44am
sheesh. another rip-artist
.5 hundy, cash. & you supply the roller & tray:) :)
(but you can re-use it another time. all-good,-water clean-up.!:) :)

jason18, Aug 6, 6:49am
450 here ;)

akaniva, Aug 6, 9:14am
OK, you'd better tell us how.

rob_man, Aug 6, 9:20am
You should have done the fence too.

trogedon, Aug 6, 9:40am
Hey, I take a fence at that comment.
(orange fence! Nah)

vtecnet, Aug 6, 9:44am
$4000+ , $2500 would be a door shut paint job .

trogedon, Aug 6, 9:46am
I bought 3 litres of a 4 litre tin of 2k primer (with hardener) from here for $45, I went to an auto paint place (Autocolour marketing in Central Park) and got a mismatch (4 litres) for $40 (liked the colour), bought thinners (I already had some for the primer), and tape (I had some Prepsol). Even with what I provided the price was still under $200.
The car was straight so I rubbed it down (400 grit on random orbit and then elbow grease and wet/dry paper) and removed the flaking clearcoat on the bonnet and roof. I resprayed it a couple of panels at a time during Summer in the driveway.

trogedon, Aug 6, 9:46am
So would Bill Gates

flat_white_ltd, Sep 15, 1:44am
he-he.very good