Gts25 v sti fuel economy

calvin_85, Aug 3, 7:37am
am going to be selling my V3 WRX Sti to get a more fuel efficient car. I have come across a real nice R33 GTS25 (non turbo) coupe manual. Im looking for opinions from people, is it a worthwhile swap in terms of fuel efficiency! cheers

pnh4, Aug 3, 7:42am
No because you'll be gunning it more than the turbo, hence using more gas.

ninja_man, Aug 3, 8:26am
wont be much difference, if you want efficiency buy a type r, or a 4 cyclinder.

stevexc, Aug 3, 10:43am
I had a RB25DE equipped Laurel and it was thirsty as hell.No better than my V8 Fairmont.

ninja_man, Aug 4, 12:36am
just because he drives a sti doesnt mean he is a boy racer.

accent16, Aug 4, 1:10am
Must be kidding. Thos subarus. kept off boost will get amazing economy. I had a 98 wrx wagon. And was getting around 10L per 100km around town driving. I was stoked with that. At $2 a litre it was only $20 for 100kms. Not to mention I did a trip from Napier-Taupo-Napier and that only cost me $48ish and that was when gas was around $1.90 mark

calvin_85, Aug 4, 6:38am
yeah the Sti has a bad rep for being real heavy on gas, they push out around 50bhp more than the WRX. Its fresh off a $7k engine rebuild too so I cant blame it on a mistreated/worn engine. $48 would get me 3 days of driving 30mins to work and 45mins back and thas not boosting it.

Im still in two minds about the R33, might go for a 4 banger. looking at a gen 5 Prelude and a Levin BZ-R.

ninja_man, Aug 4, 6:41am
yeah the bzr will be good on gas, also have a look at the type r honda's.

ryans, Aug 4, 6:59am
I used to get, I think 420k to 450k to a tank on my old R33 GTS25 auto. It's not bad.

vtecnet, 6 days, 18 hours
500ks a tank from 2.2 vtec prelude manual trans. around town.
Costs me about $10 a day to get to work and back. takes me about 30mins to get to work and 45mins to get home also