Oil change in Auckland

smoothgroove, Aug 4, 9:48am
Vehicle needs an oil change. Can't be stuffed doing it myself this time. Any recommendations in the Auckland (Northern part) for a place that does it.

moosie_21, Aug 4, 10:23am
DON'T go to Midas, Pitstop, Oilchangers etc. Pretty much any of the franchises. You'll soon find you need braks remachined/bushes fixed/tyres rotated when all you went in for was an oil change.

rpee, Aug 4, 10:31am
Just go to AA.book a time & it's done with in an hour!

trouser, Aug 4, 8:51pm
What are you on about! They don't do those things.

kazbanz, Aug 4, 9:25pm
smoothgroove--EXACTLY where in d auckland do you mean!
Its hard to point you somewhere when the north shore is a fairly big area now

smoothgroove, Aug 5, 4:02am
Anywhere From Albany down to Takapuna.

I don't want to just book it in for a "service" as some places charge $200 and on, for essentially an oil/filter change, plus a "visual inspection".

thunderbolt, Aug 5, 4:40am
There are plenty of places that do that, many have menu pricing now so you can upsize if you want to.

Another thing to consider, is how particular are you on brand of oil.

There are a few workshops using "sinopec" on the shore, are you happy with that oil!
Or do you need the peace of mind of a well know brand!

petemun, Aug 5, 4:48am
If you're to lazy then go to AA in wairau park.

edit: seems like they dont just do oil / filters any more. cheapest is $149 for a 'bronze' service


ryans, Aug 5, 6:26am
I'm sure they'll still do an oil and filter change.
I used to work at AA in St Lukes and we did that, but it wasn't listed as a service we offered.

gilligan2, Aug 5, 10:14am
Watch what you say about Oil changers Pal or you might find your ass on the wrong end of a deformation lawsuit.You wouldn't be the first.

mears69, Aug 5, 10:31am
any workshop would do that type of work, just use the yellow pages.

Who are oil changers! i've never heard of them.

gilligan2, Aug 5, 10:39am

gilligan2, Aug 5, 10:42am
Wrong. Although they are a good way to make money.

icemans1, Aug 5, 1:57pm
take a chill pill, Pal

gilligan2, Aug 5, 1:59pm
Im chilled out douche bag. Would you like to settle this over a physical confrontation!

gilligan2, Aug 5, 2:03pm
Yet another keyboard warrior! lol. dare not take thy on in a physical confrontation! least one be embarrassed.

gj0502, Aug 5, 8:42pm
Oil changers have done mine before, quick easy and priced well.

moosie_21, Aug 5, 10:17pm
Talking about yourself eh! The pen is mightier than the sword, and this just shows you lack the mental complexity to continue a battle of words, thereby seeking recourse through physical violence. You know, you could also be sued for intimidation or threatening assault.

ianalice1, Aug 6, 2:21am
What's wrong with Oil Changers! Been going to them, since we moved Tauranga and not had a problem. Prices reasonable.

drew2009, Aug 6, 2:41am
Just do it yourself OP. At least then you can choose your oil and additives, could buy some really nice oil with the money you save. Hell you could probably buy 10 litres of the stuff. Why pay someone for a 20min job!

geedubu, Aug 6, 3:25am
Young relative of mine of mine went to MRM Tyres in Onehunga.Oil change, new filter, new spark plugs & top up all fluids was $88.88 fixed price.(For a Nissan Sunny).I thought it was a great deal & had a look at everything after for her, & all done as promised.They do a check of lots of other bits too including a road test, told her about a couple of minor items but didn't push to do the work.Disclaimer, have nothing to do with them, found it on line for her because she had not much money & needed it done cheap as possible.

mears69, Sep 14, 1:44pm
I think its defamation. deformation is when your born with 6 toes