Subaru auto to manual

wellabolla, Nov 5, 6:11am
Hey all.i have just got hold of a 99 b4 was originally auto but has been swapped to manual.The swap seems fine and it drives realnice.the dash etc has been swapped so to me the conversion is pretty good.only problem is it doesnt seem to boost in 1st gear and only slightly in 2nd.3rd upwards it goes as good as it should
ive had it on the ecu scan tool and cleared all of the fault codes
none of the vacume lines have been touched as it was only the trans that was removed.has anyone done this swap! or can anyone help
Thanks Gav

hijacka, Nov 5, 7:02am
Sounds like its still got a auto ecu i have 1 from a manual 2001 b4 ttthat will do the trick if keen

wellabolla, Nov 5, 7:25am
thats what i thought.will your one plug straight in and run!

wellabolla, Nov 6, 8:11am
Thanks but i cant see why it only wont boost in 1st and 2nd! according to the internet the ecus are the same apart from the pin code.which can be changed by earthing a wire or leaving it open!

hijacka, Nov 6, 11:30pm
Its not essential to change the ecu but the fuel maps are different between the 2 and i am pretty sure the primary turbos are different as well ie auto(vf25) manual(vf26) could be wrong thoughany how, here is a bit more info in case you missed something!t=1863125

hijacka, Nov 6, 11:40pm
On anther note you could try using a manual boost controller on the primary turbo and see how that goes

drew2009, Feb 8, 6:18am
Could you re-map the ecu rather than swapping the whole thing over!