Selling your financed car.

skyline_guy_r34, Nov 7, 10:39pm
You can sell it no problems. If you sell on trademe, just declare it has finance on it.

Give the buyer the opportunity to be apart of the finance owing by suggesting they pay the finance company directly (the full sum to pay out the loan and close it, thus clearing title on the car) and then get the remainder of the purchase amount of the car paid to you.

gunhand, Nov 8, 4:09am
Well technicly you do have to tell the finance company of your intentions (well any I know of anyway) to sell. I doubt anyone really does though. As long as the 2nd party is involved with the final payment (as a trust thing) as said above all will be sweet. Ive done it before, just meet at the place and pay up and off you go.

kazbanz, Nov 8, 5:31am
What the guys above have posted. I'd actually ask for a printout with the settlement figure expirey date of settlement figure and the name/contact details of the person in the finance company to deal with.
Being totally transparent regarding the loan usually means it doesn't affect the sale one tiny bit.

fordzfly, Feb 9, 12:54pm
Yeap ive done the same. I went to the finance outfit with the owner and paid them.