Old falcons yikes?

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ozz1, Nov 9, 7:39pm
8 cylinders.!looks like some one stole 2 cylinders.

gunhand, Nov 9, 7:42pm
Naa, it might be one of those ultra rear straight 8s, The value has to somewhere! You just cant see the last two cylinders. It was made in such low numbers you car barely count how many they made.

gammelvind, Nov 9, 7:52pm
And the last two cylinders are deisel, as there are only 6 sparkplug leads eh gunhand.

gunhand, Nov 9, 8:08pm
Thats the even rearer one, prob worth $11000.

extrayda, Nov 9, 8:11pm
Thats a bit harsh guys.I would pay $10,000 for that one. If it had maybe $8,000 in cash in the boot.

doomy999, Nov 9, 8:16pm

chebry, Nov 9, 8:17pm
Any XA you cant see thru is worth something these were Ford OZs first attempt at a bodyshell of their own and boy did they rust.

whqqsh, Nov 9, 8:41pm
& took the other 2 on that bank & stuck them in front the remaining 4

xpfairmont, Nov 9, 9:14pm
along with half the other Falcons and Fairmonts on Trade Me these days. Some of which have been on sale for over a year! I'd pay $1200 for that one. Looks like it need a new.everything!

jkm, Nov 9, 10:32pm
Tell em the're dreamin darl!

jkm, Nov 9, 11:44pm
Some nice ones under that trader. So will the fairmont fetch that sort of money!

hatchback, Nov 9, 11:51pm
44k!.Will I buy a 2010 XR6 or and old Fairmont.tough one.not

shinra, Nov 10, 3:04am
May only be an XF but it is reiable car and ecom on petorl .

pebbles61, Nov 10, 4:14am
WTF at those prices lol

xpfairmont, Nov 10, 5:31am
maybe there wife said "you have to sell your car". so they just list it for sale at a price they'll never get!

murray55, Nov 10, 6:50am
Has to be the only logical explanation for these sellers asking 10x what they're worth !Seems that old Falcons are the worse, but take a stroll down the classic listings for a good laugh. Hmmm wonder why they sit for months/years . Note to sellers .just because something is old DOES NOT mean it's worth big $$$

jason18, Nov 10, 8:08am
Well im going to list my falcon for 50k cos it has a v8 in it ow

wasser61, Nov 10, 10:19am

bellky, Nov 10, 9:05pm
It doesn't mean it's not worth big dollars either.

If you wanted such a car (obviously you don't though so I don't know why you're such a loud mouth on the subject), how would you get it!. That's right, you'd have to pay what the seller wants.

Just because you think sellers are dreaming doesn't mean they actually are. I know for a fact that rx2s and 3s change hands somewhere near their asking prices, and I'd say that's more or less the same for old falcons, mustangs, etc. etc.

You keep laughing at these sellers and their prices murray55, and I'll keep laughing at you. :)
Be aware that everytime one of these cars changes hands for a good price, it's you that's the fool, actually.

murray55, Nov 10, 9:08pm
My point exactly .something special like this in beautiful condition you can understand someone expecting a high price, but for some rough as guts, ordinary as old Falcon WHY on earth do sellers think they are worth thousands, when in reality IMO they are worth nothing . if someone wantsto restore one to it's former condition then fine, but why would they want to pay more than a few hundred for a wreck that is going to need big bucks to restore.

xpfairmont, Nov 10, 9:18pm
All I know is that I'll never sell either of mine.
It would piss me off big time to see the new owner trying to sell for 5 times what they paid me!
I got mine when they were still cheap as chips but have spent a few $$ since but can't expect to get it back.
For example, my mum spends a lot maintaining her VW Golf but it is worth less and less each day :-)

pebbles61, Nov 10, 9:21pm
That's the joy of a classic isn't it, they very rarely lose value. I've added value onto mine, but I'll never get the money back I put into it, but like xpfairmount, I have no intention of selling her.

chebry, Nov 10, 9:29pm
The days of the $100 bomb being found in a paddock cleaned up and sold for huge bux are over I know where many rare dead cars can be found but they all cost money to buy. $500 V8 Falcons could be had on Parramatta road anywhere years back in 6 months when the rego ran out they were $100 wreckers yard cars go and buy another one now the car in the scrap yard is worth 5k and the one in the caryard 50k, progress!

murray55, Nov 10, 9:43pm
Yes they often sell for a good price .that's why they stay on TM for months/years .!
Everyone to their own, and of course not everything old is worth little, depends on what it is.
And you're entitled to your opinion on the subject, without resorting to name calling.

bellky, Nov 10, 10:19pm
Sorry murray55 - perhaps 'loud mouth' and 'fool' could have been left out of my post; was just reacting to your laughing and shouting.