2003 DY Mazda Demio Steering Noise

shore_girl, Jan 6, 8:17am
Hi, just took the wifes car for a quick run and noticed the front making a slight humming/vibration noise when traveling in a straight line or turning left at speed.
The noise goes away when you steer to the right slightly or make a right hand turn. It seems to me maybe a wheel alignment issue or a bushing as with moving the wheel to the right takes the load off. It also seems to be quieter under acceleration but more noticable when coasting downhill under load.
Its had a new set of tyres about 5k ago but we didnt get a wheel alignment done as they had worn evenly and it didnt pull.
Any ideas what it could be will be greatly apreciated.


jmma, Jan 6, 8:44am
Sounds like wheel bearing or tyre noise. Try swapping wheels first.

llortmt, Jan 6, 8:51am
You must have good hearing!

jmma, Jan 6, 8:54am
I'm actually deaf, but can hear w/brg noises (o:

tmenz, Jan 6, 9:20am
It'll be tyre wear pattern noise.

shore_girl, Jan 6, 11:58pm
Thanks, will swap wheels around and see if that sorts the noise. Its due for a service in the next month so will get it looked at when it goes in.

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