Did the MAORI number plate finally sell?

tgray, Mar 15, 8:30am
If so, how much did it go for!

pebbles61, Mar 15, 8:31am

wind.turbine, Mar 15, 8:40am
That seller needs a ban for such a rip off!

n1smo_gtir, Mar 15, 9:05am
some iwi leader prob bought it.for his waka.

quickstitch, Mar 16, 12:54am
too meke bro, get it right or i will send Tame Iti round to sort you out.

jmma, Mar 16, 2:19am
Tumeke ! and enough of the bro .

gtrnut, Mar 17, 5:23am
yeah i saw the price & wondered if it sold !

zkaku, Mar 17, 9:04am

bashfulbro, Mar 18, 6:48pm
With a grant from the taxpayers

hounddog2, Mar 18, 6:52pm
Why doesnt trademe have a like function ^^^^

nightboss, Mar 18, 8:12pm
They do have a like function.

jmma, Mar 28, 6:15am
if you are not interested, give it a rest )o:

aragorn2003, Mar 28, 6:43am
May be about to sell it by the looks

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