Volvo S80 T6

len_f, Mar 5, 11:15am
Hi specialised car parts may have some

jmma, Mar 5, 8:41pm
This thread is a year old, I think the Volvo may have gone to the graveyard by now (o:

budgel, Mar 5, 10:52pm
Oddly enough, I just heard the other day that the person who bought it had managed to get a good transmission and have it installed for just under $2000, so a happy ending after all. ( for now).

budgel, Mar 16, 8:41pm
Yet another one of these has transmission problems, it is virtually undrivable.
Has anyone had any experience with sorting these, other than wrecking it?
Is this the GM transmission, same as sold in America?

Second hand transmissions are like hen's teeth, and probably just as unreliable.

thejazzpianoma, Mar 16, 8:58pm
It should be the Japanese (Toyota subsidiary) transmission it's an Aisin. model number is something like AW55-50. if you search Aisin and S80 you should find the exact model number easy enough. Likewise Wiki has a list of Aisin transmissions and their applications.

Sometimes, with them it is only a software or valve body issue. However chances are it is toast. Unless it's a really pristine late one S80's are worth nothing even when going, so likely not worth mucking around with.

You could try a flush, filter and refill with the CORRECT fluid (available cheaper from castrol who make it for Volvo, the net will tell you what it's called). But it might just be money down the drain.

In my experience the transmissions only last if they are serviced properly and regularly, something which Aisin/Volvo never advised as far as I am aware so almost none are serviced. The larger engine options (as in the T6) only exacerbated the problem. Not unusual for problems to appear in a T6 before 100'000km even.

budgel, May 15, 8:04am
Thanks Jazz, you have confirmed my own thoughts. It has been scanned and is not a valve body or electronic issue.
Its a shame, because it is a well appointed car with plenty of grunt when it was going. It belongs to a friend, so ultimately not my problem.
I was wondering as a long shot if there was any other vehicle using that exact transmission. Dream on eh?

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