Kawasaki ZZR1200?

dingo011, Apr 9, 8:17am
Considering changing from my naked ZR1100 and upgrading to ZZR1200. Test ridden a couple and I like them, especially after a rather damp trip down the West Coast on Sth Island tour. Just wondering if other bike riders on here have any thoughts?

gunhand, Apr 9, 8:28am
I had use of one of these for a few weeks ( a whole other story why) and about the only complaint I could come up with was at times you would get a vortex type effect that would move your body around, not a lot but enough to make it annoying at times. Didn't happen every time so prob just wind strength, angle, my size etc at the time. Not something Ive ever come across before.
Apart from that a fully competent bike. Seem to hold their price quite well too.
Have you considered any other models at all?

trogedon, Apr 9, 8:35am
A guy in our motorbike club bought one and loved it.

dingo011, Apr 9, 8:37am
interesting gunhand! I have had the same issue on a couple of bikes where the had after market screens. Not sure if that was the case on the one you had? I figure factories spend a lot of $ in wind tunnels but we still want to play with aftermarket gear. I am a Kawasaki fan and hadn't concidered going outside the brand?

gunhand, Apr 9, 8:43am
I,m not sure what screen was on it, was a few years back now. Yep, had a few Kawakas and they all went very well. Mind you all the modern Jap bikes in that segment are very good. Have you ridden a 14? Not quite as upright but still great for long halls, stunning bikes.

dingo011, Apr 9, 8:59am
tried a ZRX but same issue as my ZR i.e. Basicly naked. Haven't considered a 14. Will start some research.

mals69, Apr 9, 9:04am
Just get new KTM 1290 Super Duke 0 to 200 in 7.2 seconds

gunhand, Apr 9, 9:09am
Do that, they can be had for reasonable money now. The 07 model doesn't have the bottom end grunt they said, jeez they had / have more than enough grunt on tap lol.
They are user friendly and quite nice at 50kph, cruisin through towns etc,not hunting like some bikes do. A big bike with sharp handling once ya get used to it, very different from a Hayabusa.
Smooth as silk in all areas.
They put more low range in the later ones, no idea why you need it myself but that was a major complaint from owners.

oliver6, Apr 9, 10:23am
Are they tall ?

gunhand, Apr 9, 10:29am
Possibly because they come ready to go, panniers, adjustable screens, shaft drive etc. And possibly whatever deal was secured by the Police with the dealers etc.
And the ZZR is no longer available.
The Police use a variety of bikes throughout the world.

trogedon, Apr 9, 7:47pm
No, completely different style of bike and not nearly as usable as sport / tourers.

tamarillo, Apr 9, 7:52pm
Great bikes though possibly not best suited to our roads. Very experienced rider mate sold his high milage one having found an old gs1150 bmw was quicker in the real world of nz state enforcement and windy roads, though we are in Nelson so have lots of twisties. He felt it just wasn't a very agile bike and was better in Europe where he bought it from.
But that's not to say it's not a damn good bike.

dingo011, Apr 9, 7:55pm
Yup 25 years ago I would have been all over a super duke or simiiliar. These days ( in early 50's ) I am looking for a sports tourer. Reports I have read on the ZZR seem to be positive and the test rides I have enjoyed. It would appear for $8k you can get a lot of bike for a reasonable amount of coin. Also someone else has already lost a big chunk on on the purchase price when new. Also love the Givi gear that comes with a lot of them. Anyway one bike to sell and then start shopping I think. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas in the above posts.

mals69, Apr 9, 9:45pm
Check one out at your local dealer or google specs
as have not seen one in the flesh , plenty on here for
sale between 26 - 28k new.

To other poster reply - yeah not a sport tourer - just put it
up to give fellow bikers options and to highlight
how far the goal posts have shifted

desmodave, Apr 10, 8:46am
Fit a pack rack system and have a wheelie good time . Be a good Ride for the crap surface of our coast roads .

mals69, Apr 10, 9:14am
Be a good stead for The Buller Man - carving it up from Granity to Mok on up over the hill - twistes to karamea - Ohhh YeaH

12rider, Apr 11, 11:21pm
Do you ride year round Dingo ? The only reason I ask is that early on in the piece we (ex Kawasaki NZ employee) had a couple to ZZR 12's suffer with carb icing when ridden in winter, both where in the South Island.
There is / was a retro fit kit available & as luck would have it, you have the resident expert in your part of the world in the form of Derek Murray who works at Dwains Service Centre in Tapanui. He'd be well worth a talk to, I ran our press unit in way back when & it compared very favourably with my own ZX12-R, although a couple of the lads nick named "Battlestar Galactica" owing to its somewhat portly proportions !
The other thing in your favour is that most of them were owned by mature riders so the chances of it having had it's ring peice flogged senseless are slight - all in all a great all rounder & worthy successor to the 1100. Good luck finding one, cheers

unideck, Apr 12, 7:17am
LOL, I recon :)

My riding bud bought the KTM down the line, had to plot his way back stopping at every gas station haha very limited milage on the tank and they suck gas big time. I recently looked at the 390, was kinda keen until I rode it, gutless things!

I have Ducati's, both Monsters. The latest "400S" is great fun round the loop here and obviously naked, it has proved comfy on a run to Taupo. Dukes give a heap of feedback which is the opposite of a (typical) Jappa. That said I did love my old Hornet for upright easy riding but the V twin Duke has a sense of rawness I like but everyone has differing needs & wants ;) Last Kwaka I owned was a 79 Z900 - we used to call them the widow maker, hell that thing used to scare the crap outa me lol still would too :)

dingo011, Apr 24, 9:22am
Well went ahead and bought a ZZR1200. I am in Wellington and bike is in Tauranga, work and weddings stop me picking up until 8th May. But flying up and ridding back. Can't wait!

noodleman4, Apr 25, 8:25am
awesome. have fun and get a radar detector !

gunhand, Feb 25, 10:47am
Longest two weeks of ya life lol.

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