Swapping steering wheel with replacement

sport_billy, May 7, 11:39am
Hi all,
Looking to swap my steering wheel with a less worn second hand replacement (same model etc) wondering is this a mechanic job or an auto electrician? - due to the airbag, stereo & cruise controls etc.

Or, is this a safe enough job to do at home? Ie remove old and plug in the one without an airbag going off etc?
car is a subaru and I'm in Christchurch.

Cheers in advance :)

whqqsh, May 7, 5:59pm
check on youtube, theres all sorts of stuff for DIY in there, type in something like 'subaru steering wheel replacement' & see how you go

bjmh, May 7, 6:27pm
beware the clockspring. do your homework

sport_billy, Feb 7, 11:52am
Ok, not sure I want to mess up a clock spring. Who's the best expert to get this job done?

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