Like to buy back my old WW 11 ,Jeep replica

kevlight, Jul 10, 5:45pm
like to buy back my old WW 11 ,Jeep replica any body know where it is now ?

budgel, Jul 10, 8:16pm
It isnt in the system any more according to CarJam.

muzz67, Jul 10, 8:33pm
There was another replica on TM a few months ago. What was yours based on?

biddy6, Jul 10, 8:39pm
Just a guess, but looking at the second photo, it's in the main street of Roxbourgh.

tony9, Jul 10, 9:56pm
Not looking good, looks like NASA has got their hands on it and it is now a star.

tony9, Feb 24, 6:17pm
You could try the licensing and rego number here.

They are pretty helpful, won't give you any names, but may be able to tell you what happened to the vehicle.

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