Auto Transmission Fluid

don1751, Apr 13, 10:39pm
I can't find a replacement trans oil time in the handbook for my 2008 Mazda 6 Auto. Is the fluid meant to last the life of the car? When I had it serviced the garage told me the transmission oil was dirty. Car has done 140,000km.

intrade, Apr 13, 10:45pm
that wont be in a handbook and no transmission fluid lasts the live of a car.
What you think off is what is called a lifetime fluid
think of it its lifetime fluid so the livetime of the fluid not the car and not you.
Fluid lifetime is 6 years , its a stupid misleading therm they , and i think its used to try and sell you this car with wohoo a livetime fluid,
and yes vw uses this therm its still a stupid missleading therm no matter who uses it .

intrade, Apr 13, 10:47pm
its definetly due for a service. take it to a automatic transmission rebuild place as the service must be done correcly not just with a flushing machine by some morons making quick $$ off you with unpreofessional incorrect procedure.

intrade, Apr 13, 10:51pm
they will also need a mazda oem diagnostic scanner for checking transmission function as part of the correct service along with checking and possible adjusting things like fluid age learn levels new trans filter and other possible manual adjustment , find somone who knows all this and explains this to you .

petal_91, Apr 13, 11:18pm
It uses Mazda ATF-MV, which should be replaced around every 60,000kms. I would use this Nulon full synthetic multivehicle fluid which is compatible (and infact superior) with ATF-MV. Nulon is sold at Repco.

pf, Apr 14, 7:41am
give John at Central Automatics a call . Great South Rd, Penrose .

petermcg, Mar 12, 10:50am
Mate, some cars dont have a drain plug and or a dipstick on the automatic trans, so they are supposed to last the life of the car,, but they wont,, by the sounds of it if the mechanic says your fluid is dirty or black, it must at least have a dipstick, you can release the sump yourself,, clean the filter or replace it,, put in new oil, and dont under or overfill it,, check the level according to how the book says.

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