Damaged Number plate

mrskathy, Dec 22, 4:22am
I have a damaged number plate on the motorbike,does anyone know how much it costs to get a replacement and will it be the same number?

tony9, Dec 22, 4:28am
I have a couple of brand new ones here that are surplus. Do you want to make an offer?

mrskathy, Dec 22, 4:50am
No thanks,just want to know how much to replace the one Ive got and if it stays the same number.Im assuming I just take to the post office to do?

neell, Dec 22, 4:53am
Take it to the AA, Post Office, VTNZ or the like and they will give you a new one but not the same number, unsure of cost but not much at all. Under $20.00

cammey, Dec 22, 4:55am
You get a new plate number, unless you have a personalised plate, or get a supplementary plate and use that.

kazbanz, Dec 22, 4:57am
It costs under $20 for a new motorcycle/scooter plate.
Unless you have a personalised plate no it won't be the same number

supernova2, Dec 22, 5:03am
You can apply to get a duplicate plate. That means you keep the same number. It just takes a few days to have it made. I've done it before and was simple as. Here's the form.


mrskathy, Dec 22, 5:42am
Thank you everyone :-)

clark20, Dec 22, 8:30am
Yes, I got the same number back, they sent two new ones and swapped mine over. About $25.

froggyb, Apr 23, 11:34am
0800 REMAKE for getting the same plate
or $13.64 for a new plate with an MR6A and your licence as ID , new plate over the counter with new rego label included

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