Stolen Trailer

dugaldleanne, Jan 21, 7:39pm
Double axle silver trailer with cage, reg number U570H, stolen from Wadestown address in last few days. Has E J Engineering label on it, is due vehicle licence and WOF in next week. Can anyone help?

skiff1, Jan 22, 1:56am
Been something like 30 stolen in Palmy recently, none recovered. Seems to be a regular industry, flogging them and re registering them.

jmma, Jan 22, 2:19am
Just what OP wanted to hear!

skiff1, Jan 22, 3:41am
Don't want to get their hopes up. Be nice if they caught the thieving bastards and permanently branded them in some way, but more likely, nothing happens.

xs1100, Jul 26, 7:06pm
is a problem with trailers no sort of chassis number or anything, next try one of those gps trackers on yr next one

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