Volvo s40 t5 2006

toysky, Jul 7, 11:27am
Above car 48ks

Are they a good car or potential train wreck.


vtecintegra, Jul 7, 12:07pm

I'd be suspicious as hell of that mileage - is it a Singapore car?

intrade, Jul 7, 12:25pm
They are basically what mitsubishi where in the 1990s
the body control modules have special anti theft built in for your convinience. So if it fails you are not going to fit one from a wrecked volvo as it is one time programmed to the exact vin number, and only a brand new unit from volvo with internet programming via the factory diagnostic is possible.
1400$ us for a fuse box plus programming . have fun to pay them bills you better have god shoes youl need them.

intrade, Jul 7, 12:29pm
compaired to vag groupe vehicle you can code anything with a cheap tool if. you got the login codes. they use eeproms So you can virgin a module on a volvo the only way would be if the chip is not dead to solder it over in a same unit of another car. Scanner danner has a video on a volvo and how a wrecker part dont works . might be on his pay channel its about 2005 volvo if i recall correct.
if you dont have the logins on v-a-g it gets more difficult but not almost impossible like volvo where you only have 1 hope or a new unit from factory dealer. abrites will virgin any module on any vag however the full software suit is about 20 tousend $ nz plus 200 euro yearly subs vw factory is cheap also. honda and GM are also low priced for factory . mercedes is 25 tousend euro plus subs of i think 4500 euro a year or more.
bmw is not to bad you cat a lot of hacks for bmw just like vw

ladatrouble, Jul 7, 12:48pm
If it's the 5 cyl, it's a well proven genuine Volvo engine from the '90's, before Ford got involved. The rest is typical 21st Century plastic stuff.

poppy62, Jul 7, 2:16pm
It looks like a very nice car. 2006 and 48K for $7.5K - $8.5K is not a bad deal. These are reliable units and the motor is great (but a bit thirsty). Certainly well appointed with lots of safety and other extras. They aren't known for electrical issues provided it's not a Malay/Singapore car. This is right up there with some of the best rivals and is a good drive. IMO, take it for a test run get a PPI done and if you like it enough, life's to short to not have something you really want and like.

tamarillo, Dec 3, 1:43am
Talking rot mate, this is at the gen 2 that has nothing to do with mitsi at all. It's volvo all the way and developed and made by Volvo though there was then some sharing with Ford Focus but it's the ford that used this excellent Volvo engine not other way round.
Good cars OP, full check needed for course.

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