Kawasaki re-use a letter and 3 numbers on a bike

serf407, Oct 28, 9:18pm
Kawasaki re-use Z and 9, 0, 0

gunhand, Oct 28, 10:11pm
one of the better attempts at retro mod

strobo, Oct 28, 11:09pm
How a bout a Kawasaki frame with Honda 350 -370cc single twin shocker 70s who can tell me the manufacturer and the name of the bike ? clue . it's a queer rrrrs thing and rare as rocking horse shit but it's out there and whos got one ?

strobo, Dec 11, 4:52pm
Did the rear wheel bearigns today and seals , (3 bearings and seals _) on one of my bikes a crf450r Honda and fark me its lethal,due to my own doing .has renthal bra pad advertising and i had to think about that cause i remember renthal as a spermicide pill ya pop up the fanny for birth protection so I changed the logo to lethal!

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