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rusty_james, Aug 13, 7:49pm
a wof issue or likely to become one as it gets worse. . can i dig rust out bog an just leave primed or does it hav be fixed by panel beater.thanks in advance for any replys

snoopy221, Aug 13, 7:58pm
Welll with a username of ! rusty_james!
One really wonders as to why anyone would remotely consider ** dig rust out bog an just leave primed**
Without considering any rust preventative and any impervious finish coat.

mojo49, Aug 13, 8:00pm
snoopy, I know a trick we did to fix that problem back around 1970, when I was in the Used Car business, but I think I will leave it to you to suggest a modern solution.

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:02pm

Hoots mon at least ya can tell the Original Poster that bog and primer is just gunna let water go straight through it and a total waste of time

rusty_james, Aug 13, 8:03pm
rusty james is from my fav movie rumble fish lol nothing do with rust . only want do patch up job if its legal old car sound apart from that one rust bubble passes wofs im just worrying in advance. im poor so only option if legal is a bog job.

mojo49, Aug 13, 8:10pm
He clearly has not heard of the method which includes chewing gum (any flavour) that has been well chewed, Best done by a non-smoker to avoid the gum going yellow. Without the secret ingredient you are right the bog/primer approach just attracts the attention of the WOF people and makes the situation worse.

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:11pm
im poor so

all dat means is ya don wanna do a shyt job dat'll make it worse
so as bog is polyester and sucks water
and primer sucks water

and water and steel means rust

meh rust treat and if small araldite is cheaper as available in smaller quantities and 2 pot and epoxy not polyester so it ain't like a water sucking sponge and warrant wise a top coat in a can even at least seals it from moisture

rusty_james, Aug 13, 8:12pm
cant chew gum sticks to my dentrue but interesting idea lol

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:13pm
Yip when i read 70's i just KNEW dat one was comin so i went for araldyte-LOL

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:14pm
Do NOT try chewing araldyte


rusty_james, Aug 13, 8:14pm
that sounds more a go guess youtube may help

gunhand, Aug 13, 8:17pm
If they havent seen it yet you can do pretty much what you like unfortunately.
If you use bog do do it properly a least, don't leave it lumpy with 80 grit sand marks through it as it looks kinda obvious and will attract attention. They can't go digging as such. And you can get water proof bog these days.
However, it could be a small nothing bubble or a whole big arse mess.
I really don't condone bogging up a windscreen area as it is part of the structure of the car. But if ya do right/wrong and it looks fine they can not do much about it even if it is just primer. They can not tell what has been done underneath it so could all welded up for all they know.

snoopy221, Aug 13, 8:22pm
Yeah and the tip is go get a flat backed safety razor blade and pop and blade the bubble area generally they pop and scratch back when first opened to the air easy and this method keeps the repair area small

mojo49, Aug 13, 8:30pm
I used to chew ya araldyt and it aint fected me.

meow_mix, Aug 13, 8:31pm
I've had this problem, a panelbeater may be able to remove the rubber trim and fix the problem, but if the rust has gone behind the glass then the windscreen will have to come out to do the job properly, could cost $700-ish. If the rust is severe and behind the glass, the panelbeater could just tidy up the visible rust, but it will still be there and will get worse over time.

mojo49, Aug 13, 8:38pm
Gosh I had a Nissan Maxima that had that problem, which was found when it was getting a new screen. Only cost $400 to get the rust fixed but that was more good luck than good management. Had the same with my 97 Disco when it needed a new screen. Still got the Disco. Probably a good idea to follow the araldite idea, with some touch up paint and hope you never need a new screen.

..james.., Aug 13, 9:26pm
no ones said whether it would be a WOF issue.

mojo49, Aug 13, 9:34pm
It was raised as needing fixing at the top of the upper left rear window on my Disco. They have a small window up high on the side of the roof. I had that fixed by taking the little screen out, removed the rust and treated the area, then undercoated it, then colour coated it with a specially made aerosol of the correct colour and refitted the window. I think snoopy will approve of that method.

gunhand, Aug 13, 9:39pm
Depends, but likely. If it is a bubble I think it will have to be looked at and once they have seen it they should want to see repairs before filling etc, or photographic evidence if they trust the beater.

kazbanz, Aug 14, 10:47am
When it comes to WOF it has to be "non invasive" -What that means is that if the WOF guy doesn't see a rust bubble he can't go digging away at the car.
So you could grind the rust out -rust protect the metal Bog, prime and colour matched paint the area so the problem is fixed
If you just want to "boogie" it up frankly I'd do the "windscreen was leaking" trick Run a bead of black silicone right along the full lenth of the top edge of the screen. Go figure it "accidently" covers the rust spot.
it fixes nothing and the rust will get worse under the silicone but gets you a wof.

mojo49, Aug 14, 12:09pm
Oh dear. You remind me of cowboy days in used cars in the 1970s! Tut, tut.

kazbanz, Aug 15, 12:51pm
How do ya reckon that? -im just saying--best to fix it right but if you aint gonna then the least damage would be a silicone bead

mojo49, Aug 15, 6:19pm
The low cost method is what would have been dobe by dealers when I was involved. hence "the cowboys." Lots of shonky stuff was done in those days to hide faults and rust was a big issue.

snoopy221, Aug 15, 6:24pm
the "windscreen was leaking" trick Run a bead of black silicone right along the full lenth of the top edge of the screen. Go figure it "accidently" covers the rust spot.
it fixes nothing and the rust will get worse under the silicone

A ! BLACK! repair -LOL

only ever seen acetic or acid cure black silly cont. so yip zeee rustin vill be vorsen.
at least a nuetral cure silicon fullas and fullessses

nzdoug, Aug 15, 6:25pm
It will be.
Rust never sleeps, to quote Neil Young.

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