Rock Auto

saki, May 13, 2:12pm
Thanks to all the posters on here that have mentioned Rock Auto I decided to do a purchase for my project car a Ford Laser TX3i, found the equivilant in USA and Canada is the 1991 Escort GT spent a grand total of NZ $96 landed at my door step, For the ease of doing a price comparison I used trade me,no freight cost and it totaled $240.
I am now preparing another list of wants (needs) for some more happy shopping. good value.

tony9, May 13, 5:16pm
They really are a great place to shop.

kcf, May 13, 10:02pm
I was impressed, got a bunch of boring Toyota bits here in a weekish, at a decent fraction of trade price here.

budgel, May 14, 12:03pm
I'm glad to spread the word.
Here is a discount number they sent me and encouraged me to spread around, it goes in the 'how did you hear about us' box:
Expires June 27.

les6, May 14, 4:48pm
worth it just for the fridge magnet?

saki, May 18, 3:42pm
Happy days, another NZ $200 order, even with high freight prices still very viable

familiadude1, May 19, 11:06am
I found out about rockauto on the message boards too. So much cheaper and usually at my door in 7 days aswell

rj-001, May 19, 3:40pm
Same here.
Heard about them via these message boards.
Bought from them a couple of times now and have been very satisfied.

peanuts37, May 19, 4:04pm
Ive been buying off them for 12 years. First thing i bought was a power steering box for a Pontiac Grand Prix, $96nz and ordered Thursday and received Monday. I rang them to place order and guy was a Kiwi.

gsimpson, May 20, 12:23pm
I was put on to them by Gates belts. I wanted a timing belt not available in NZ. I contacted Gates and the person there said I could order from there. Bought many other items since.
Another useful one is k&n filters. Often not much more than a paper filter here. Shipping reasonable and free over a $100 order. I get a few of their oil filters too.

gph1961, May 20, 8:42pm
rj-001 wrote:
Same here.
Heard about them via these message boards.
Bought from them a couple of times now and have been very satisfied.[/quote
me 3]

rj-001, May 21, 11:22am
As an example of fairly speedy delivery times, here is the tracking for some parts I ordered from them last Wednesday. Arrived this morning (Friday)
i,e about about 8-9 days

clark20, May 22, 11:21am
I got 24kg of rotors and pads from Thursday night got them Monday

intrade, May 22, 11:24am
what shipping did you pay?
i seen rexbo still list nz for shipping but its 165 euro= times 2 for $nz flatrate i think that once was 450 in lockdown and years ago it was 35 euro for a few kg

clark20, May 23, 2:52pm
Well it was front and rear, the fronts came on the Friday, all up $600 for 46kg

blogzy, Aug 4, 1:40pm
including parts ?

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