Performance car/ Show car owners Bay of Plenty

oldrichard, Dec 10, 10:08am
Hey all, i have a project car that needs a little work (something i can't do myself due to lack of time) I'm looking for THE BEST workshop in the bay of plenty. Any recommendations?

stevo2, Dec 10, 6:00pm

stevo2, Dec 10, 7:51pm

lookoutas, Dec 11, 9:00am
If you've already put new tyres on it, it's too late!

holly-rocks, Dec 11, 9:05am
We had a new front clip built by Rods by Reid. Freakin expensive 😫😫😫 but extremely well made and passed the certification tick.

sw20, Dec 11, 9:35am
You only cry once when you pay for quality.

stevo2, Oct 11, 6:58am
OP asked for THE BEST, Not the cheapest.

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