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apollo11, May 6, 7:34pm
Dumb and dumber.

intrade, May 7, 8:59am
They also went ahead and called them selfs ossies . As where east germans ost-deutschland was called ozzies i dont know how australian actuarly can be ossies . when its called stralia short.

intrade, May 7, 9:05am
Anyhow I read in comments in other media. a lot know we get ripped . and They erased all my posts from the 1 news article and law the government passed . This is just a extra problem. I was told by supplyer i need to be a registered sparki for automotive to be getting a trade account. then i wont get one anyhow as they have to many in the region. its mind blowing the whole mafia in this country its everywhere.
To find it scroll thru one news clips from the last 4 weeks back. i am going to download me a copy on a usb stick.

martin11, May 7, 9:17am
Parts on Volvo , Audi , Merc's , BMW are made from all over the world ,depends where the cheapest manufacturing price is .

apollo11, May 7, 9:25am
I grew up in Aussie. When people ask where you are from, it's common to say Aussie or Oz. No one I know says 'I'm from 'Stralia'.

strobo, May 7, 9:41am
I think intrade meant "straya" a more updated shorter version .Maybe implying that East Germany stole the nick name "ozzy"perhaps despite knowing that the Australian is a better criminal !

apollo11, May 7, 10:24am
East is 'Ost' in German, so they are going to have to call themselves 'Osties' lol. The Aussies are in trouble right now, having found that they are small fry compared to the biggest thieves of them all, the CCP.

intrade, May 7, 10:53am
32 they will all have to pull on the same string.
What new zealand should Do is what they do.
All farms purchased are disowned and become nz government propperty with the snap of a finger. Then block any imports from there at border and if anyone says Something you just say we dont block it we just need to make sure there is no maf biosecurity risk before we let it in but we dont block it no no .

intrade, May 7, 10:58am
Also I did hear The vehicle rebuilder in germany Say the plywood sheets are now 100 euro each in germany and showing how all forrest gets cut down and exported driving past logging operation its going to be one big desater with onlz 1 way out WW3 to purge it back to normal.
Like the c. claims they dont fish the see empty . so just sink all the fishing boats with torpedos as they are not from the c country so therfore the C wont complain if they vanish.

intrade, May 7, 11:03am
Logically as a island down in the south pole You would want cars that can be fixed with number 8 wire
Because if you really want to be green for real Then you would want as little imported goods as possible. So We would need number 8 wire factory and import australian iron ore to cut down carbon footprint.
All the rest is just brainwashing fake crap about carbon footprint green-washing pollution causing more pollution To do so and claiming its green.

strobo, May 7, 11:03am
I agree above but getting back on track the chinese parts market is rife with redesign of of a patented product from the western world . just outright theft , The undercutting cost of the genuine product and a poorer quality. they been doing it for decades. There were others doin it too, Toyota Japan for example stole the chevy inline 6 engine design from america and remanufactured the engine design into their own into the Landcruiser .Its a whole different level now , parts rebranded , god knows where they are made or at what cost,and just what quality.They are sold to do a job and that's it and people buy it.Ya got wonder what's the point of copright!

alowishes, May 7, 1:50pm
And of course we wouldn’t expect the same back from any country no no.

kandjaja, May 9, 12:57pm
Garador / Dominator

tegretol, May 9, 11:07pm
Talking about non oem parts, be interested in thoughts about mission-critical gear being fitted from the safety perspective. For example, a new branded master cylinder for a D40 Navara is $900+gst from the dealer but $63+gst from Repco branded as "Silverline" from an unknown country. Is there really any difference in the quality?

ronaldo8, May 10, 8:43am
There is no blanket yes/no answer to that question as it will vary from part to part, wiper blades for instance, bugger all, a master cylinder that has a decent amount of machined surfaces and some precision fit seals, yes quite possibly. The question is, is it enough of a difference to warrant (no pun intended) the $$ difference.

Outside of a granite plate some quality bore gauges and the time and skill to use them, you pays your money and you takes your chances. Or if not of a gambling mindset, pay your pound of flesh at the dealership. Have a nice day sir.

bill-robinson, May 10, 9:08am
i know of a race team that lost a race due to cheap bearings fitted to a rear hub. did not even last a race.when removed and examined closely one could just make out 'made in china' etched on it. was in a genuine sealed fafnir box but had no anti rust paper with it. the dealer had a problem clearing his name. bearing had been fitted just before the race.

apollo11, May 10, 9:38am
The Chinese haven't really had the steel quality to manufacture decent bearings, their stuff is too soft. Counterfeit bearings have also been an issue, Chinese manufacturers have been caught stamping 'SKF' or 'NSK' on their bearings, and the end result is expensive plant and machinery failures.

mrfxit, May 10, 9:57am
Fair enough.
Some ppl say they will never buy anything made in China, . Oh dear!

It's really hard to find anything now that hasn't at least got some parts made in China or at the least, designed in China.

tweake, May 10, 3:36pm
china do make really good gear. the trouble is often they don't throw out stuff that doesn't meet spec. it simply gets sold cheaper. the garbage that good companies would throw out, gets sold for cheap and ends up on the market as fakes or as low quality aftermarket parts.

apollo11, May 10, 4:33pm
They undercut the competition on price, and we naively think we are saving a buck. We had a job that required a heap of high tensile bolts from Fortress. They supplied, we used. The bolts ended up stretching and eventually snapping, costing hundreds of thousands to repair. Fortress investigated, the bolts were stamped with a higher grade than they actually were. Last I heard they were chasing the Chinese supplier for damages.

ronaldo8, May 10, 8:29pm
Very true. They even make some good original gear. You can get very good gear from China if you look hard enough, cost about the same as equivalent quality from anywhere else, slightly more in some cases. They aren't stupid. But as is said above, no part of the bird is wasted, so that stuff that is crap and would in the west often fail QA just gets marked down and shunted off through cheap clearing house channels. Bargain!

And it can be, if you know what you are buying and are prepared to put the work in fixing it out of the box, if it can be fixed and its not made of cheese.

tygertung, May 10, 9:17pm
The Bafang electric bike motors are a Chinese designed, chinese manufactured machine, and they are pretty good too.

intrade, May 10, 9:54pm
well yes and no the temperature sensors never worked but one survived a fire luise rossman started with his diy battery setup lol

tegretol, May 10, 10:23pm
Same with some steel a few years back. I Had a 50x50x5 axle that bent at the end, the steel was like cheese. Steel & Tube replaced and made good on that and it turned out that their mistake had been to accept the Chinese laboratory certification rather than get their own done independantly. I believe it cost S&T in xs of $50m to fix.

So at the end of the day, it comes down to how much should we trust our trading partners?

marte, May 11, 2:37am
Batterys, the small AA & coin batterys are a good example.

I have read of too short vent tubes on motorbike batterys that vented directly onto the chain, causing microfine cracks & chain failure at speed.
Too short & unmolded to shape HT leads on Stihl chainsaw which caused a fire that badly burnt a user in NZ.
Too short bezel on the end of a motorbike clutch cable, it shifted in use & then wore the wires thru at the casing. I saw this. It was only 2mm too short, but 100 items @ 2mm too short equals a extra 20 items.

Car sensors. I wouldnt buy Chinese stuff unless it had been tested independently before being sold here. Like TOPRAN brand.
Original might be 2 or 3 times the price, but i can see where it might preform OK normally.
But if its not as accurate, when teamed up with other sensors, its going to cause problems that are difficult to find " because, well, this part works. but why isnt it showing a fault code when it should"

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