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intrade, May 5, 9:53am
Information i can not point to a video As its From German High end Engine rebuild repair.
I Notice stuff of importance as i watch the videos to pick up tips and tricks and important information.
What they said From brand new factory replacement parts the box matches the number matches . But what is in the box is some pirated inferior copy . so How do you think that's possible?.
i recon it was done switcheroo by the virus inventor country. its definitely not done by magic.

budgel, May 5, 10:40am
I've had it the other way too, Audi aftermarket parts with grinding marks where the Audi logo was skimmed off.
OEM suppliers cannot sell manufacturer branded parts through their own network.

scuba, May 5, 10:59am
be careful who you blame. you don't think that Italian virgin olive oil is actually the real thing do you-Italy exports far more olive oil than it produces- not toomany years ago Kiwi wine company caught adding anti freeze to their wine.
Counterfeiters are everywhere but yes a lot coming out of the east. Years ago Adidas was caught swapping labels on imported tops and sewing in Made in NZ

nice_lady, May 5, 11:44am
"- not toomany years ago Kiwi wine company caught adding anti freeze to their wine "

Link ?

pauldw, May 5, 12:28pm
AFAIK it was Austrian winemakers in 1985.

cjohnw, May 5, 1:10pm
Another day, another conspiracy theory!

tygertung, May 5, 2:33pm
I've been buying the Australian olive oil in the 3L tins from Countdown. Only marginally more expensive than the European "Olive Oil" (who knows if it is fake or not), and then quality is much better, you can tell by just the smell alone.

tweake, May 5, 5:41pm
deboxing or repotting is a common method.
intercept cargo, cut open boxes, swap parts. replace tamper seal. legit customer gets the fakes, while the other sell off genuine parts for better price.

there is a bit of it in food industries where they open the bottle, tip it out, either pour in cheap replacement or mix with cheap and repack. make 3 times as much product.

or slip some high quality steel out of each packet and replace with low/rubbish grade.
pretty common tactic in certain countries.

marte, May 5, 10:41pm
I was buying Nacho chips at Countdown years ago (15+?) And come to the conclusion that two brands of Nacho chips were the exact same product but in different bags.
They had the same shape, crisp & taste, and once when the quality of one brand changed, a short time later, so did the other brand, then they changed back.
A while later, a employee of one brand, and the owner of the other brand, were charged with fraud.
They were substituting ingredients, making extra chips on the employees companys machinery, either taking them out in bulk & packing them in the other company owners machinery, or ( it changed ) over filling t-e first company's chip bags, shipping them out, taking the product to the 2nd company, opening the over filled bags, taking some out, resealing the bags and sending them off to the warehouse.
Then using those chips to supplement the 2nd companys product.
3 people were found guilty in the finish, i think another worker or security guard figured it out & had to be paid to keep quiet about it, so guilty.

Its funny because i had mentioned my suspicions to some friends & they thought my theory was silly. But i was 100% correct.

marte, May 5, 10:47pm
At a Mobil station in Chch, circa 1994-5 Barbadoes/Bealy ave. A worker was using a syringe needle & hose & lifting the label on expensive engine oil containers, taking out new oil & replacing it with cheap oil, and refilling used containers & putting both back on the shelves.
Pocketed about $20+ per shift from what i read in the Court pages.

marte, May 5, 10:50pm
I remember that.
A quote at the time was " Aussies are beefing up their wine, and whining about our beef".

marte, May 5, 10:58pm
TOPRAN both supplys Audi & sources parts from China to sell under the TOPRAN name.
Often even the Chinese parts are the same as the Topran parts, but without as much finishing work done on them. Or 2nd grade parts that failed quality control.
Original Audi parts are made to a much higher quality, sometimes it matters, sometimes not. But the way the Germans do it, they replace 16 things at 100kkms, when really only one part is worn out. The rest will wear out sporadically over the next 15kkms, often taking out another part as it goes. If you are lucky its not the whole engine.

cjohnw, May 6, 7:24am
I am confused, was this Austrian wine and Aussie beef, or Aussie wine and Austrian beef or our beef and Austrian wine? Maybe our wine and Austrian beef?

strobo, May 6, 7:47am
Yip i remember the anti freeze in wine saga , too many wimmins suffering from cold shoulders apparently . so I heard!

gph1961, May 6, 7:54am
your confusion indicates a lie down is required
take a nap

cjohnw, May 6, 8:20am
If you read #5 carefully and the comment in #11 you might just spot where the confusion comes from.

orphic1, May 6, 8:28am

strobo, May 6, 8:58am
#17 Predominantly "Austrian" wines exported to West Germany , but we blame the Australians anyway and their whines ;-)

orphic1, May 6, 4:40pm
Why not, they claim, pavlova, Phar Lap and Scott Dixon as their own. I don't like their reds, too dry for my taste.

gph1961, May 6, 5:28pm
talk to the hand

tweake, May 6, 5:37pm
its fairly common to have the same product under different brand names and prices. Pams is a perfect example, their range is the exact same product that the suppliers sell under a different name.
a company i used to work for supplied about 95% of nz market for a certain product. a retailer would order their brand and we would simply put their sticker/label on the product. go into a shop, there would be 4 brands on sale, and they where all the same product from the same place.

gph1961, May 6, 6:00pm
what sticker do you want on your batteries?

apollo11, May 6, 6:10pm
One that says 75% off.

gph1961, May 6, 7:22pm

marte, May 6, 7:23pm
Quote { Australian wines sales also suffered because people confused it with Austria.}

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