Ford Courier 2001 Rear Wheel Bearings.

greenfox, Dec 25, 3:51pm
The above vehicle failed the warrant due to this issue. So I purchased a new set from Repco
I have not started to take the vehicle apart yet. I was wondering where the
star/lock washer in the above kit goes?

mechnificent, Dec 25, 5:27pm
I would guess that locks a nut that holds the bearing onto the axle.

mechnificent, Dec 25, 5:28pm
Or the axle into the bearing.

franc123, Dec 25, 6:28pm
As above, a huge nut is used as a bearing retainer. You will need access to a good hydraulic press to do that job.

intrade, Oct 5, 12:51pm
i guess that's the front then? i only ever had to adjust the bearings on isuzu mu with play . with that star washer bend down tighten re-bend.
if it makes noises or feels like stones are in there then the bearing is a goner.