Mid 2000's Ford Courier 4WD vs Mazda Bounty 4WD

haden1, Mar 19, 6:36am
Im currently looking to purchase a double cab 4WD ute and the two that seem to be more my price range ($17,000) are the ford and the mazda. Was just wanting to know the pros and cons of both. Any info would be much appreciated! Cheers!

jasongroves, Mar 19, 6:41am
Aren't they pretty much the same vehicle with a different badge!

haden1, Mar 19, 8:47pm
Ok well in that case are there any well known issues with these vehicles! Ive been also looking at the nissan nivara's but their a little bit more money, are they worth the extra dosh!

jasongroves, Mar 19, 8:58pm
I don't know of any serious issues with them.
Plenty of friends of mine drive different variations of the Ford/Mazda ute for work vehicles and they are pretty much hassle free. They don't treat them that nicely either.
Parts are plentiful and cam belt change is cheap as chips.
As with any vehicle, you just need to know that its been well maintained, so a good quality vehicle inspection would be the go.

lookoutas, Mar 19, 9:06pm
Only difference is the badges.
Earlier ones had head problems, and a lot were replaced. Will out-pull any other make of the same era. I had a work one for 2 years and used to love coming up behind a Hi-Lux, Nissan or Mitsi on a crawler-lane.

mike77, Mar 20, 4:19am
I know a guy whho owns a 04 bounty, swears black and blue that the tray is wider than the courier.

Or do the 04/05 models trays difference from a 00 / 02 models! didn't think so myself.

franc123, Aug 6, 4:54pm
Once you start getting down and dirty there ARE differences, but they are cosmetic.The outer panels on the wellside trays are different, the Ford one is flat while the Mazda one has an extra crease in it, the grilles/badges obviously and also the factory stereo head units are different.But for all intents and purposes they are the same, they are built in the same factory in Thailand.