2006-2011 vw touareg 3.0 diesel, vs jeep 3.0v6 tdi

boat3, Jan 4, 12:53pm
I drove a mates vw touareg diesel, found it grunty and a definate contender for boat towing,as i think it would be better for towing than my current ute, are they reasonably easy to keep on the road reliability wise, same with the jeep?,would like to consider other things than the normal need a ute to tow that thinking,as these things have way more power it would seem

msigg, Jan 4, 1:18pm
Both should be OK, depreciation is your biggest cost. I would prefer the Jeep any day. They may be a bit softer in the suspension than the Ute, depending on the Model, each to their own.

tweake, Jan 4, 1:50pm
i assume your talking about the older 3l v6 in the Grand Cherokee, not the new one coming out.

intrade, Jan 4, 1:51pm
The newer it is the more expensive repairs and a touareg is a expensive car to buy with expensive servicing. Just because they are now not new dont magically makes the service cost also less. You can not have it all you cant have loads of power and comfort and 5 cent service costs. Things have to be paid for. if you want reliable you need a non turbo topgear hilux from 1986 that cant pull the skin of a rice pudding . but will always go if you just spend 5 cent on servicing.
As where on a modern one you got to spend 2500$ upwards a year on services repairs and that money is gone and if you dont spend it you end up with 15 to 25 tousend dollers of bills in repairs from all the stuff you also nuked not servicing it on time with factory fluids and components.

boat3, Jan 4, 2:01pm
Hi, yes the older one

boat3, Jan 4, 2:01pm
Hi, yes the old one

boat3, Jan 4, 2:06pm
ok, what requires replacing in 10-15000 km that costs $2500 anually, apart from oils and filters that we buy trade thru repco and bnt and so many other suppliers trade, is there something special? i service and maintain trucks and forklifts and i think i could handle most problems

boat3, Jan 4, 2:08pm
ps ,what happened to the jazz guy who used to be all over vw post like a rash, he seemed to be a vw encylopedia

sw20, Jan 4, 2:14pm
Left NZ cos he didn't like Cindy's handling of Covid. Aged like milk, just like old DSGs.

boat3, Jan 4, 2:31pm
wow, great decision there, he`s really got problems if hes in Europe now.

intrade, Jan 4, 2:46pm

intrade, Jan 4, 2:51pm
try to find 1 part for a vw on repco? for comodores you get a lot and cheap from repco including new ecu.
for vw or jeep? lol Go look.

intrade, Jan 4, 3:02pm
for vw you do get a lot of parts at ok prices but it will add up. Not having to pay labor would make it definitely viable to own a touareg. more so then brands like ford that you wont get no cheap parts that actuarlly work. everything cheap made for fords does not function German rebuilder redhead said that the uk taxi guy who rebuilt the mondeo ST all say exactly what the boss also said so american fords are as bad as euros. and modern stuff watch the video i said that since years .
For vw you can hire tools from the likes of alleuroparts warkworth. its the only reason i do vw and because vw have the worlds best Diesel .
They are not trouble free i spent 4500$ on my bora to change the dualmass trash to solid valeo and egr deleted the intake. But at least its duable and G12 G13++ coolant must be used plus correct vw oils as the unit injectors drive the unit pumps with the cam under extreem stress over 2000 bar.

djrandomguy, Jan 4, 4:58pm
*2nd best diesels

likit, Jan 4, 6:22pm
My V6 Commodore sedan tows our boat quite comfortably, far more comfortable than a ute too.

boat3, Jan 4, 9:48pm
the jeep is mercedes powered in my price bracket lol

lakeview3, Jan 4, 10:10pm
My SIL had a Touareg- took it in for a service. $10,000 later.

So - yeah nah.

mrcat1, Jan 4, 10:20pm
More likely the V10 version.

lakeview3, Jan 5, 12:25am
I always look around to see how many of them I see. and lately I have seen none, what does that tell you?

On the other hand, the car I was driving when the SIL had her Touareg, I am still driving. even when I cooked the engine, it still only cost me 2 grand lol.

tamarillo, Jan 5, 8:21am
Other possibility if yer interested is territory diesel with the V6 LR unit. That’s tows and behave well.

intrade, Jan 5, 11:35am
The older ones are unit injectors BNZ engine code is the R5 tdi. The V10 is two BNZ engines bolted together. Then later versions are c. m on rail.
unit injector was the last reliable Diesel - discontinued due to emission heat issues as the injectors reside inside the engine and emission aftertreatment back up to much heat for it to not go nuclear .
Touareg Driveshaft are knowen to fail loads of other things I would expect darkside to engineer better components for a touareg . costs of repair is aimed at people who can afford to buy over 100,000$ Suv . i think the drivshaft parts are like 1700 euro. that be 5000$ + labour if you dont do it your self.
darkside have replacment exhaust parts for The R5 tdi exhaust with boost problems due to cracking manifold. Stuff like that all needs fixing sooner or later.
The jeep be different i would expect it to have more problems but cheaper parts overall. you would look at rockauto what they have for it.Diesel wise you wont find nothing much on rockauto. you be having to pay mercedes prices for components.

meow_mix, Oct 2, 3:40am
Shivers you don't want to buy a 10-15 year old Touareg, you will be opening a can of worms. The Jeep will be OK but average Yank build quality, nothing really wrong with them. Personally I would look at something else, maybe a Nissan Murano.

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