Ev,s in Public Car Parks

gazzat22, Sep 11, 10:03am
Fortunately I dont have to go into the Auckland CBD very often.When i do the carpark I use (Top Of Symonds Street) has 5 EV only charging Bays.There are always a least 2 cars using them all with commercial sign writing,obviously for hire. Does.the company that owns these pay the Council for the Electricity or is it free from the ratepayers.

s_nz, Sep 11, 11:34am
If I recall rightly there is a VW e-Golf owned by cityhop (cars by the hour type car rental) at that location.

In short, yes that company does have a commercial arrangement with the council for it's exclusive use spaces. I'm not sure if power is charged per kWh, or if the cost is built into their lease of that parking space.

gazzat22, Nov 22, 2:05pm
Yes City Hop are the ones who seem to use the 5 spaces .The number of cars varies between 1 and 5 but there doesnt appear to be the ability to meter usage and getting info off Auckland Transport is like getting Blood out of a Stone.Commercial Sensitivity is quoted as usual. I am fairly certain other private cars are parked there from time to time so maybe its a "Loose" arrangement.Doesnt our Beloved Mayor drive an EV as he hasnt got internet connectivity at his country estate so has to drive in daily to his office.?

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