Honda Jazz

peanuts37, Jan 1, 11:14am
Happy New Year everyone,
Just a question, how much to properly fix damaged paint on bumper.
Was hit buy young lady I've known her whole life and she just got her license so don't really want to go the insurance way. Its only a Honda Jazz I know but my pride and joy if you can believe that.Thanks in anticipation.

saxman99, Jan 1, 11:18am

peanuts37, Jan 1, 11:21am
Very precise lol

tamarillo, Jan 1, 5:21pm
Depends if you happy with local touch up guy doing good job or want it back to factory perfect which requires painting of much larger area. Or el cheapo go into supercheep and get touch up can and do yourself.

gph1961, Jan 1, 5:31pm
leave it as is

curlcrown, Jan 1, 6:43pm
You can get some touch up paint made in the exact colour at a paint shop such a LJ Smits. Will cost about $30. Carefully brush it on with a fine brush.

sw20, Jan 1, 7:17pm
As above. Depends on what you deem acceptable.

Some people won't care and wouldn't fix it.
Some would brush on some touch up paint and have a 10 from 10 feet paint job.
If it was me and the car looked mint before hand, I'd want it mint afterwards. How you go about that could jeopardise the relationship with the young ladies parents in this day and age. Some parents may not think it's worth worrying about and why are you even bothering to fix it. Then again some, like mine would force me to cough up the dollars to fix it.

peanuts37, Jan 1, 7:46pm
Thanks, car is absolutely mint, first modern car Ive owned, always owned older mint cars and driven as everyday cars. Its only a Honda Jazz but its my baby as a big car enthusiast and its a neat little car. No chance of falling out with parents, young lady only had license 3 months, happened in their driveway. Her car another Jazz about same damage but she has $1000 excess and wanted to know the approximate cost of mine to fix properly so maybe parents could save money getting both fixed and she wont have to make claim. Thanks for your time guys.

PS any recommendations for car painters in Christchurch. Thanks.

kazbanz, Jan 1, 10:09pm
Imo the nature of that damage and that specific colour means the spray can option is going to look pretty crappy without a fair bit of other work. Imo a touch up guys type repair is best bet and l feel it’s about $250.00 to fix

peanuts37, Oct 2, 11:01pm
Thanks, have a great new year.

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