2011 honda jazz

suzgs750, Sep 15, 4:30pm
green nz new honda jazz will not lock all of a sudden with button on key,will lock fine with key in door lock and will unlock with button on key. what is going on and yes all doors plus hatch are closed correctly. Any one stuck this problem?

nzmax, Sep 15, 4:47pm
My old Maxima would do this when the battery was going flat.

gph1961, Sep 15, 4:57pm
top marks for color ID

kazbanz, Sep 15, 6:27pm
Change the battery in the remote.--as in the pushbutton central locking part of the key

dublo, Sep 16, 9:28am
How do you do that? The time must be nigh for the batteries in the two keys we have for our 1999 Accord to need replacement!

intrade, Sep 16, 9:34am
try Youtube there is no doubt a instruction vid on how to.

gazzat22, Sep 16, 12:20pm
The Locksmiths in my town will change/replace the battery in a remote for $12.

franc123, Nov 19, 10:50am
Is this the only remote you are having issues with? If not then get the main vehicle battery tested (yeah sounds weird I know) if its testing marginal then replace it. f you only have one remote then consider getting another new one, get a Honda agent to then erase all known remotes then program the new one and your existing one together. I'd be very surprised if that doesnt fix it.

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