Fiat Punto question

drog, Jan 14, 10:46am
Hello everyone. Does the current generation (2014 say) Fiat Punto come with a conventional manual gearbox as opposed to the 'DuaLogic' semi-manual system? I can't seem to find a conventional system amongst the listings on Trademe. Many thanks.

saxman99, Jan 14, 10:49am
Yes versions were made with both a 5 and 6 speed manual, whether they made it to NZ or not I don't know.

tamarillo, Jan 14, 12:36pm
As sax says, manual certainly an option question of finding one as maybe importer only did the automated ones.

vtecintegra, Jan 14, 12:45pm
Yeah I think they only imported the AMT here

You could get an older pre-facelift model - it's essentially the same car and there is more variety available

kazbanz, Sep 28, 3:44am
I haven't been looking hard but I haven't been offered a manual one. Sourcing a "cheapie' car out of Europe doesn't stack up

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