Best car series ever.

kazbanz, Sep 3, 5:42pm
probably very old news but Ive been watching the U tube series "project Binky" Some of the most amazing real world mechanical and engineering work I have ever seen.
Word of warning--itll burn a few hours once you get into watching it

sr2, Sep 3, 5:58pm

tamarillo, Sep 3, 6:05pm
Excellent show. Shocked they even used that shell but of course rust free ones aren’t cheap anymore .

sw20, Sep 3, 6:43pm
Christ, is that still not finished? That series is as old as Youtube itself.

I admire the mechanical engineering and fabrication, but there are far more entertaining shows that produce better content in a far more timely manner.

sr2, Sep 3, 8:25pm
I'd disagree.

Project Binky appeals to those amongst us who are attracted to the process as much as the final product - we're easy to spot because we invariably have one or two projects in the garage on the go.

In a world where 'entertainment' is focused on short attention spans and instant gratification Project Binky is an honest refreshing relief; long may the boys keep working and posting!

kazbanz, Sep 4, 11:42am
Funny thing is that as a series gets more commercialised /Americanised I loose interest.

sr2, Sep 4, 3:06pm
I couldn't agree more.

apollo11, Sep 4, 3:34pm
I was watching an American series on youboob where a bloke was taking a '60's Fastback body and modifying it to suit modern mustang gear. All good until he started referring to it in the shop as Elanor, then bang! All videos taken down, unfinished car was confiscated. The 'Elanor' Mustang is trademarked as a 'character' and no one is allowed to refer to their mustang as Elanor. What a crazy country.

gazzat22, Sep 4, 4:55pm
Someone once said" America is a country that has gone from infancy to senility without a period of maturity in between" The way its been going for at least the last 4 years I find that hard to disagree with.!

stornello, Sep 4, 7:52pm
I saw the first Binky, and haven't watched another. that was years ago, I thought the whole thing would've been over long ago. It's funny to see the Yanks talk about it, they haven't got a clue who Binky is. They have no sense of humour (and can't spell it), so have never read Pratchet.

pbsrb5, Sep 5, 1:43pm
Watched the whole series a couple of times now, thanks to covid.

Good blend of info and humour, and plenty of patience too.

“ make the noise . “

whynot47, Sep 5, 3:11pm
Gazzat you aint seen nuttin yet

serf407, Sep 5, 7:18pm
For people who do this sort of thing. UK conversion right hand steer 2007 Porsche Cayman with mild LS3 V8. Still had not sorted the ABS etc.

gragra1, Sep 5, 9:45pm
Kazbanz I have just spent 6 hours watching this! What have I let myself in for? Bugga

mrfxit, Sep 6, 2:53pm

apollo11, Nov 24, 4:14pm
That's the one. They started again from scratch and used a notch back instead of a fast back.

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