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rodholder, Mar 29, 1:51pm
2015 Jeep grand Cherokee Diesel stopped dead no warning on EVIC no alarms etc just stopped. It would turn over but not start.
Has been at jeep outlet for 2month+
Upon arrival at mechanics and plugged into Diaognostic it showed a Crank sensor fault this was checked as Faulty and replaced testing shows the sensor is pulsing correctly however when they tried to start it will turn over but not start. It has showen No fault codes to date dispite numerous attempts. The injectors were removed and tested found to be 100% OK. when they were replaced and they were cranking it over apparently an engine monitor fault appeared this was also replaced.but still it will turn over and not start This vehicle has been scanned/Tested every way possible but still wont fire nor throw any fault codes. It has the jeep people guessing to the point where they have gone back to Jeep USA trying to find out what maybe causing the problem. I have been told that everthing they have tested to date is working as it should? Any Diesel gurus out there have any poss ideas as to Why Id love to hear them TIA.

tony9, Mar 29, 2:05pm
I am sure the dealer has checked this, but do the injectors show pulsing on an oscilloscope when cranking? If not, check engine disable system, including the key fob. If there is pulsing, is there full pressure in the fuel rail?

shakespeare6, Mar 29, 3:20pm
As above I would be looking at the VATS. I wouldn't think you would see a code in the PCM when its disabled. more of a BCM thing. Try giving them the other key to try

gph1961, Mar 29, 4:01pm
put diesel in fuel tank

franc123, Mar 29, 4:03pm
Has the primary fuel system and rail pressure been checked as you were told in the other thread?

rodholder, Mar 29, 7:28pm
Yes To all above
Every thing they can possibly think of including the imobilisor has been checked and Re checked. According to them everthing tests ok the fact they can get no fault reading other than the original Crank sensor fault which was fixed at the inital outset. It has them baffled. It has also been looked at by 2 seperate Qualified Auto Electricians who also could find no fault. I will check again tomorrow to make sure some of these suggestions have been carried out. Obviously the vehicle gearbox had to be dissengaged to enable it to be towed onto the Tow truck and Im assuming they would have to rengage to Park mode before they can use keyless starting is there any little secret where by this may be a cause? Tia.

intrade, Mar 29, 7:56pm
what engine?is fitted?
on crank no start you measure rail pressure as number 1 thing if it cranks if you have rail pressure you just need pulse on injectors and a diesel runs unless its mechanically broken like timing jumped etc

trogedon, Mar 29, 9:23pm

gph1961, Mar 29, 9:58pm
its a horse thing

intrade, Mar 30, 10:23am
if he wont come back mercedes has some engine failing at 140.000km and one engin not eaven the mercedesd speciallist would want to go near if it fails the one failing is highpressure pump problems and all the rest of it. the rest is intake runner flaps broken sucked in engine. timing chain foobar= about 8000 euro to repair just in parts you need guides chain camshafts seals timing adjuster. only geniuen mercedes parts can be used if it should run again. i would say 20k nz for the timing and another 20 for the pump and the pump is a defective product so wont last= why he would say we do not fix it period.
if its a fiat diesel its a whole other story.
om 175 or someting is the nightmare one.

you can see why its important to know what engine. some are better then others. its why i own 2 vans with om662 mercedes engines
Engine No: 66291110085860

rodholder, Mar 30, 4:20pm
2015 model has VM ITALIAN made engine

intrade, Aug 27, 12:05pm
like ldv . diesel is diesel to find whats wrong fixing is another story.
i have the mm03.

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