Isuzu d-max parts

mike877, Feb 1, 6:24pm
Hi , im looking for some suspension parts for a 2017 d-max single cab
2wd. and cant find any wreckers that have one in stock if you know of any being wrecked can you give me some details , thanks mike

budgel, Feb 1, 9:50pm
Maybe it's worth checking out Holden Rodeos of the same year. They have a lot of parts in common.

franc123, Feb 2, 12:20am
Rodeos haven't been sold new for over a decade now. RG Colorado parts may possibly be the same as the DMax and Colorado were technical development twins and shared much of the same architecture. Virtually nobody buys 2WD of either model, you may have to buy new parts or else find out if in fact what bits you need are also shared with 4WD.

3tomany, Feb 2, 9:47am
surely you can get after market new parts for a similar price to wrecked ones.

budgel, Sep 19, 3:51am
Colorado of course! Sorry about my senior moment!

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