Nissan Pathfinder or Isuzu Mu-x for towing ?

catlin3, May 14, 3:55pm
May have to start looking for a replacement towing vehicle for our horse float, currently drive a 27 year old SWB Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5L V6.

Don't like utes as need to put horse gear & dog in the back so looking at maybe a Nissan Pathfinder or Isuzu Mu-x, preferable towing weight 2,500 - 3,000kg mark could possible spend up to $30k ( which possibly isn't enough )

Thoughts on these vehicles or recommendations for something similar?

Many thanks

budgel, May 14, 4:09pm
Wouldn't a newer Pajero fit the bill? They are usually quite a bit cheaper than a Toyota.

tweake, May 14, 4:18pm
the Nissan pathfinder is a big car crossover 4wd.
the Isuzu mux is a proper suv. basically a 7 seater Isuzu dmax. certainly the pick of the two for towing.

mack77, May 14, 8:51pm
I think that another Pajero would be the cheapest and best option.

catlin3, May 14, 10:02pm
Many thanks everyone for the advice

don't need to replace my old girl just yet but know the day will come so like to have some vehicles in mind to narrow the search

s_nz, May 14, 10:42pm
Note that the global market for cars (especially the ones capable of heavy towing) is really messed up at the moment.

- Travel restrictions mean people are more likely to be taking more domestic holidays, Touring 4x4's, trailer boats and the likes have all become a lot more sourt after.
- Many people have not had the pandemic hit their income, but there typical overseas holiday money is burning a hole in their pocket, so a new car looks attractive.
- Pandemic has caused production & freight issues for many car makers.
- Two computer chip factories have caught fire, making worse an already existing shortage of computer chips to go into cars.
- Japan used imports have become more expensive.

Net result is that there are shortages of New cars (i.e. 6 month+ wait on hilux.), and used car prices (especially low range 4x4's) have increased dramatically.

Situation could well get worse, and is likely to be well over a year before it returns to normal.

Also consider that car's depreciation is fairly low in this segment.

For example the cheapest fortuner on trade-me is asking $45k. Its a 2019 GXL with 57,000km, cigarette holes in seats, cracked windscreen, damaged lower front bumper etc. A Brand new GXL is $57k drive away (+$1,430 for a 3100kg rated tow-bar). Objectively spending the $13,500 extra for a brand new car is a lot better value (if one can fund it). That way you get the full warranty, no damage, Brand new consumables (tires, wiper blades etc). Also the current car is post face-lift design which gets an updated look, increased tow rating (2800kg -> 3100kg), more efficient & quite a bit more powerful engine, Fix for known DPF issues etc).

Assume the same it the case for other vehicles in the class. Weirdly Utes and low range 4x4's are vehicles where the standard advice to never buy new isn't great.

Also note that if your trailers have large tow down force, most factory rear suspensions in this class of vehicle will be too soft, and will sag excessively. May want to budget on swapping out the coils, or adding some kind of spring helper if this becomes an issue.

catlin3, May 15, 9:06am
Many thanks and yes thought prices looked higher than usual

s_nz, Aug 8, 6:15pm
Yip. Flip side of the coin is that your current vehicle will be worth more too when you sell it.

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