Car jam and reports

kevlight, Dec 16, 9:20pm
How quickly is Car jam up dated ,
if a car got a WOF on Wednesday 16 th at lunch time ,
how soon is it likely is the info be updated on Car Jam
ie; when should i expect the new info to appear on the report.

saxman99, Dec 16, 9:21pm
Only when someone pays for an updated report.

You can check the current WoF and reg info free at NZTA site.

franc123, Dec 16, 10:12pm
Carjam isnt real time, it's only third party information. Use the above link to get it direct from NZTA.

kazbanz, Dec 17, 9:04am
"they" say its totally up to date. Realty is they are often days behind.

tgray, Dec 17, 9:46am
Interestingly, if you check a car on Carjam that has been written off and re registered, the report will only ever say "written off? no records found".

intrade, Dec 17, 10:01am
all i use carjam for is engine numbers and quick overview dont trust any information like your live depended on it.
carjam you can only sortof trust. i have no idea Why all the mb140 vans who are front wheel drive are listed as 4wd. mind you i could bodge one in to being 4wd without cert and say look on carjam its 4wd . there is a idea. lets see the mb 4wd drive lol on the mb100 also.
Thy are not they never made any of them 4wd but i know its possible i seen some russian or east block one in the mud .
my one is zq4395 the mb 100 listed on here also said 4wd. So yea be carfull its not always what it seems.

marte, Dec 17, 11:08am
It's neat how you can upload your own photo of your car to your numberplate.

I looked up a Nissan Skyline once to find the pic was one of it doing a burnout.
And it's handy seeing a graph of the kms, date & WOF 'fail or pass'.
A incentive to make sure it passed first try, rather than chance it & have it come up as a 'Fail' on the CarJam page at the time.

supernova2, Dec 17, 7:06pm
What happens if you check by VIN number?

gazzat22, Dec 18, 11:01am
Car jam is free but if you want a more up to date and comprehensive report get a PPI and pay for it.!

sw20, Dec 18, 11:20am
Do PPIs normally list when the vehicle changes hands, all the WOF checks, plate changes, whether it has money owing?

gazzat22, Oct 8, 5:41pm
No but you can buy a report on most of those things some like plate changes are on Carjam.

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