VW Grand California - truck or van

ang_ck, Mar 6, 11:01pm
Just wondering, do you consider a VW Grand California a truck or a van? I think the insurance will be damned expensive.

andrewcg53, Mar 6, 11:29pm
Its GLW is under 6000kg so it is a van

tamarillo, Mar 7, 9:05am
van. Even if weight confuses things it’s van based van van van.
Truck is heavier duty, seperate chassis. Blah blah blah

intrade, Mar 7, 11:37am
i would have a story but i got only one hand to type for another 3 weeks my one looked like a truck but was 3500kg customs officer lorry. me no van pointing at the registration document. hmm just reminds me we dont have this document in nz at all was at czech republics border in the good old times of the deutschmark.

a.woodrow, Sep 5, 11:53am
It's a crafter van, COF due to weight

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