Powered USB connection to car head unit

smartass3000, Dec 23, 11:04am
My new head unit connects to my phone with a USB cable to use Android Auto. Unfortunately there is very little power coming through that USB port, so I have to unplug it from the head unit and plug it into the cigarette lighter if I want to charge it, meaning I can't use Android Auto.
Is there an off the shelf cable that will plug into my phone and simultaneously get power from the cigarette lighter and feed data to/from the head unit?
I've seen a couple of things that might suit, but don't want to risk damaging anything if power goes somewhere it shouldn't because I got the wrong cable. Can anyone post a link? Thanks in advance.

sw20, Dec 23, 11:06am
Does your phone support wireless charging?

smartass3000, Dec 23, 11:07am
Yes it does, but I'd prefer the cable option if it's easy.

smartass3000, Dec 23, 11:08am
Completely spaced on the wireless charging! Will use that as a fallback.

sw20, Dec 23, 11:18am
Yeah I was thinking get a mount that does wireless charging and keep the phone in that. Then connect for Android Auto.

intrade, Dec 23, 12:23pm
not all phones are wireless charge and wirless charge needs a lot mor power as a lot is wasted between the 1 to 3mm airgap.
I have 2 phones both get boiling cooking battery damaging hot if its not placed 100% accurate and my blackview wont fit on the wireless car charger the nexus 5 does.
what the blackview does is just stops to add charge on wireless after 20% adding. i guess its the oveheat protect shutting down charge because you dont go change that battery ever its rugged waterproof sealed for live.
i also had the blackviwe not charge at all on a usb wall adapter as it needs high Boost like 9 volt 2 amps via usb 3.

intrade, Oct 7, 5:56am
i have this it works for both phones but see how it is spaced in the holder if you move it to the top or bottom that phone in there wont charge
its that crucial. i am thinking of making some hot swap wood inset frames or something for my phone.
via 2 +amp usb cigarett lighter adapter i use for that
also dont use any thick covers on a wireless charge phone the less distance to the charge coil the less heat you will generate.

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