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budgel, Sep 28, 11:44am
Further to the thread about the percentage of cars bought on finance, I found myself thinking about how many cars are sitting on dealers yards waiting to be sold. Sometimes it appears that there are around three for every man woman and child in the country.
New and used. Any ideas of the real numbers?

kazbanz, Sep 28, 12:48pm
I would guess the best way to estimate it would be to allow that the average vehicle trader holds 50 cars in stock at any one time. Yea there's bigger guys but that's balanced out by the one man band running from home. There are currently about 3100-3200 licenced traders (dealers)
So the sums say 155000 cars sitting waiting for owners.
So about 3 people for every car waiting to be sold.
What is interesting is that year on year the number of cars actually being Newly registered for the road reasonably closely matched the number being deregistered. yea it is slightly higher but only a couple of percent.
Right now and in the foreseeable future fresh imports both new and used have actually dropped off in a fairly dramatic fashion because of the ESC law change and the affect of C19 on manufacturing of new vehicles. That's also having a trickle down affect because less new cars available/sold in Japan means less availability of used stock.
To give you an idea just last month vehicle imports were down 278 million compared to the same month last year.

carstauranga001, Sep 28, 12:55pm
I think you're way over mate. 32,000 advertised on TM today. Sure more are for sale but not many dealers would be ignoring listing on TM these days.

kazbanz, Sep 28, 12:59pm
Fair call -I was just working the maths. Is that 32000 INCLUDING all listings via "third party" or is it just direct advertising.
by the way --time for a handle change methinks :-)

poppy62, Sep 28, 4:05pm
95% of the imported are Japanese Cars and by Kazbanz logic 90% of them are being de-registered/written off because they have broken down / crashed and are too expensive to repair. So much for the "reliability factor". The car dealers must be sniggering away as the Myths on jap cars are perpetuated.

bigfatmat1, Sep 28, 4:08pm
We carry around 500 in stock and around 200 on route for delivery to yards each month.

kazbanz, Sep 28, 4:27pm
Funny man.-They get hauled off the road for heaps of reasons. EG 1) just too expensive to keep legal being 20 years old or more (compared to buying a newer car) 2) just too lazy to keep the rego live.3) Insurance co say its too expensive to fix after a crash.

poppy62, Sep 28, 4:47pm
Sorry mate! I don't often get the chance to get a Dig in, so I had to take an opportunity when it comes up.

kazbanz, Sep 28, 5:06pm
Why sorry? --Oh wait I take that personally and I'm now highly offended. Im gonna toss toys outa cot and have a big ol sulk now.

toenail, Sep 28, 9:57pm
reliable, quality used cars in the $30k+ range is selling fast, as people not going on expensive holidays are instead dumping money on the car they always wanted.

alowishes, Sep 29, 9:42am
Supply of certain new cars will slow to a trickle in the months ahead due to Covid19 affecting the production and shipping of them.

gazzat22, Sep 29, 9:58am
Or in the case of most Euro,s a one way trip to the wreckers.

kazbanz, Nov 13, 4:47pm
Not being a smart alec this time. The edited post above is reality.
Theres also a change in pricing policy with the "unobtanium" vehicles.
Because a huge range of vehicles simply can't be imported they are getting to be really rare so dealers are not negotiating on their prices.

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