Tyre recommendations

jerry1018, Mar 19, 3:20pm
I bought a used 2006 Nissan Wingroad. Time to replace the tyres, getting a bit bald. Does anyone have suggestions which make/model I should look at. Drive all over the North Island regularly.

s_nz, Mar 19, 3:37pm
You need to post the size. Likely 185/65R15 or 195/55R16

jerry1018, Mar 19, 3:43pm
Thank you 175/70R14 currently. I'm after quality, not cheap and nasty.

s_nz, Mar 19, 4:31pm
Substantially less option in that size, and performance tires are pritty much not available, and no full sets available used. Good news is that tires in that size are fairly cheap:


Frankly don't like any of these for your application.

https://www.hyperdrive.co.nz/products/category/227/tyres?searchMethod=2&productType=1&plate=&categories=227&tyrewidth=175&tyreprofile=70&tyrerim=14 Note prices exclude fitting. The Hankook H735, BFG Advntage, and toyo Proxes could be worth reading up reviews on. The Momo M1 is the performance summer tire that I found in this size. Note summer tires have reduced grip below 7deg C.


The Goodyear duragrip seem to get some good reviews. At $742 installed.

https://www.tyrereview.com.au/goodyear-duragrip-reviews https://www.blackcircles.com/tyres/brands/goodyear/duragrip

tygertung, Mar 19, 4:35pm
I would recommend Yokohama A-drive. Excellent grip, last for ages and reasonably priced.

I have a lancer wagon so has 185/60R14. Similar size car to the wingroad.

jerry1018, Mar 19, 5:07pm
Thank you s_nz & tygertung

bwg11, Mar 19, 8:01pm
You get what you pay for. I certainty would not recommend A-Drive's.

mrfxit, Mar 19, 8:28pm
LMAO, gees guys, it not a high performance sports car or even a moderate performer.
It's a 2006 Nissan Wingroad.
Mum, dad & kids runabout wagon.

Anybody that tries to drive one of those as if it's a sports car, deserves to fall off the road from time to time.

Nothing wrong with Supercats for that car & even more so being 175/70R14's.
I have done in the past & still do run Supercats on a couple of cars with no issues.
The Goodlife tyres on my van are working well & cost me about $420, (205/70/15))
The Supercats on my 2003 Wingroad are great & only cost me about $360 for the full set fitted.

No issues with any vehicles, wet, dry or windy & both my own vehicles go all over the north island at various times of the year.

s_nz, Mar 19, 10:15pm
Given OP wants quality, not cheapness, I stand by my recommendation to avoid economy tires like supercat's. They are widely regarded as having poor grip especially in the wet.


Regardless of what vehicle the tires go on, Better tires will result in a dramatically shorter stopping distance (especially in the wet). This is good for safety. If anything a runabout wagon is a vehicle class I would want to have reasonable tires on.

That's not to say that using good defensive driving techniques and driving well within the limits of economy tires like super-cat's is inheritance bad, or that you should have them swapped out. Just for me it is well worth the $300 - $400 to get something mid range.

bryshaw, Mar 19, 10:22pm
Ordinary driving vehicle mid priced tyres, but I have found the Michelin Primeras quiet and good for long trips on my Civic. Extra $100 maybe for a 4 for 3 deal over standard tyres.

tygertung, Mar 20, 8:36am
Have you ever used them? I have been running them ever since they came out, and believe me, they have excellent grip.

I used to race motorbikes as was a car enthusiast in my early 20s so I have experience with losing traction, and with the A-drives it is not an issue.

jerry1018, Mar 21, 12:10pm
Appreciate your input, but I found it interesting with my last run around $7,000 used vehicle I put 4 x brand new Bridgestone tyres on after a while.

- Suffered a puncture due to nail/tack in the road/tyre a few months later.
- The monkey in the tyre shop I pulled into for repair (in the middle of nowhere) told me that Bridgestone is crap, and I should have bought his brand of tyre.

- Sounds like there is no winning, but I do (once again) appreciate EVERYONE's input.

pandai, Mar 21, 12:58pm
My favourite tyres I've had were Michelin Primacy 3 ST.

Having said that the Dunlop Enasave EC300's that were factory fitted on my current car have been really good, just a bit noisy. I've done 34000km and they're down to about 3-4mm of tread but I'm pretty hard on them.

I'll replace them with Michelins and will probably end up with the new Primacy 4 ST.

bryshaw, Mar 22, 6:35pm
Agree, Michies all the way, lovely tyres.

gumboot999, Mar 23, 9:12am
currently running Toyo Proxes ( by choice) on a Mazda cx5- stunning tyres, great grip, soft ride and strong road holding in all conditions.

ronaldo8, Aug 30, 10:12am
I have had good experience with Marshalls, these are Kumho tyres rebranded for the American market. for some reason the exact same tyre with Marshall written on it sells better to a certain segment than the one with Kumho written on it. Nothing to do with racism of course. EG.


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