Screwed tyre

bevharris1938, Dec 6, 9:25am
Take it into tonys or firestone they will repair it for free.

crzyhrse, Dec 6, 9:27am
Looks like it's near finished anyway.

a18a, Dec 6, 9:32am
yeah i was hoping to squeeze every last bit of life out of them lol. i didn't know firestone did free repairs, might have to pay them a visit

ralphdog1, Dec 6, 9:52am
Unscrew the screw, coat threads with rtv, reinsert.
Job done.

horsepower7, Dec 6, 10:03am
they can repair it but ur better off to get a new tyre

a18a, Dec 6, 10:33am
i seee. i just checked the other sides matching tyre, it's worn almost to the wire. oh well skid tyres lol

unclejake, Dec 6, 11:00am
BTW: even without the tread wear it would be a WoF fail if the inspector noticed it.

hounddog2, Dec 6, 1:48pm
I Doubt they would repair that it looks less than 20mm from sidewall

n1smo_gtir, Dec 6, 2:27pm
that close to sidewall is not safe to repair. i used to work for tonys.

vr4_legnum, Dec 6, 6:17pm
That can still be repair and it be safe to repair but as long the screw hasn't cut inside wall of the tyre.

mike77, Dec 7, 5:10am
I did an emergency repair on a motorbike tyre on the west coast many moons ago.Unscrew screw, get some super glue and only cut off the very tip of the pointy nozzle.
Jam that nozzle as far into the hole as you can, squeeze glue out as you pull the tube out.
That repair ended up lasting over a year until I replaced the tyre and never went down.
Looking at ya tyre, I would guess any tyre shop wouldn't touch it.

unbeatabull, Dec 7, 5:12am
Most tyre shops won't touch it due to it being in an unsafe place. You could fix it, but with the tyre as low as it is I would be looking at new tyres personally.

mugenb20b, Dec 7, 5:32am
Not repairable, but you can fit an inner tube.

scuba, Dec 7, 12:24pm
as above, never ceases to amaze me how people are prepared to put their or their friends and families lives at risk trying to save a few bucks.or risk their jobs and reputations by trying to do a dodgy repair. Faaark that i like to sleep at night.

scuba, Dec 7, 12:32pm
Its directional so probably low profile- if its less than 70 profile theones I've seen tend to end up tearing the valve out or overheating,,, i think because the tubes don't sit true in the tyre casing or in the mags sometimes.Hard to tell their usually well ferked by the time i saw them.

n1smo_gtir, Dec 7, 2:16pm
if ya really wanna b cheap ask tony's for second hand. alot of them still have heaps of meat on them still for cheap. used to buy them for wofs n donuts on the RWDs.

a18a, May 15, 7:08am
wish we had a tonys up here, but nah all good, i got some good spare tyres, they're just not the profile i wish they where