Electrical Wiring Diagram for Nissan Mistral

Any body know where to find on the net, that I could follow or print out!Thanks

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 5:49 pm

What do you need to know! And what year Mistral!

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:01 pm

The stop lights don't work and the fuse keeps blowing everytime my husband replaces it.It is a 1994.

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:10 pm

Have the bulbs been replaced recently!

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:12 pm

No.My husband just realised they weren't working because he was checking it out for a WOF.

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:13 pm

Has any work been carried out on the vehicle recently! New stereo, towbar, mechanical, anything at all!

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:16 pm

lol no I don't think so but he did give it a clean and he hoovered the inside so could he have knocked something!

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:18 pm

Wouldn't think he could knock anything but may of.

Have a look around the wiring and bulb connectors (on both sides, the bumper if it has them there) check the high stop light, check any towbar wiring underneath the vehicle (any damage to this would be pretty obvious, so would only take a quick glance, if the towbar wiring seems loose, check inside the connector plug) -- check for any bare wires, any wires touching the body of the vehicle.

More stuff to check, but that will get you started.

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:24 pm

I just read out to him what you wrote and he said he has done all that.Thank you for all your help it is good - keep it coming.

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:27 pm

Also, check the wiring that goes between the rear door and the vehicle, it can break and earth. (rubber boot)

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:27 pm

He says "oh ye that might be a point, good idea."

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:32 pm

Haha, let me know what he finds.

driver_jono2912, Dec 14, 7:34 pm

Okay.thank you so much.

driver_helen149, Dec 14, 7:37 pm

Did he find anything, or still looking!

driver_jono2912, Dec 15, 6:00 pm

Hi jono - it's all sorted, you were onto it.Thank you sooo much.
Have a great Christmas and New Year. :-)

driver_helen149, Dec 19, 6:18 pm

Not a problem, glad I could help! :)

Merry Christmas

driver_jono2912, Dec 21, 1:16 am