Holden V8 flywheels

jacinda2059, Jan 3, 1:32am
i have a friend wanting a 308 holden motor for a jet boat,he has marine heads for one, anyone have one for sale, set up auction,etc.

patiki1, Jan 3, 3:19am
Have you tried Rare spares!

gmphil, Jan 3, 3:30am
Yup flywheels are same but as previous poster said good luck finding fork. I sold hole gear box to a dude as he needed fork in i wouldnt seperate

donz01, Jul 5, 7:50am
I have a black block ex VL 308 v8 engine currently with a trimatic behind it. Can anyone tell me if the early HQ-HZ red block 308 flywheel will fit my motor. I am also looking for a clutch fork for a 308 manual , if anyone has 1 let me know in here and make a listing for it. Thanks in advance.

bopbargains, Jul 5, 6:57pm
Prettysure allthe V8 flywheels are the same. Also do youneed a push (rod)or pull (cable) clutch fork. Either way askthis TM member sas05

petermcg, Jul 6, 4:51am
I thinkthe early 308 and 253 flywheel will fit your motor, You currently have a flexplate for a trimatic and the 308s changed to a turbo trannsmission somwhere later along the line, so the bell housing stud pattern changed here, and there for there could be a different fly wheel for the later engines.

schultzie, Jul 6, 10:21am
Yeah all holden flywheels 253,308,304 will fit. Good luck on the fork.

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