Suzuki Kizashi cvt auto towing

captaingraham, Feb 7, 2:12am
Hi Anyone towing a boat with one, what size/weight. How about on boat ramps?

poppy62, Feb 7, 2:56am
Have read that the CVT trans is a definite "NO" for towing. So much so (I have seen and read ) that Subaru null and void the warranty on any of their cars with CVT trans if a towbar is fitted.

mugenb20b, Feb 7, 3:04am
So why do some Navaras have them?

gusthe1, Feb 7, 3:27am
So tell us where you read this piece of information. And please don't say "on an internet forum".

a.woodrow, Feb 7, 3:52am
Rubbish. towbars are available from subaru for all the cvt models and it doesn't affect the warranty one bit

survivalkiwi, Feb 7, 3:55am
Then why did my wifes Mitsubishi ASX have to have a genuine mitsubishi towbar?
I have towed a trailer full of camping gear with it and had to drive like a manual over the hills.

skull, Feb 7, 3:58am
He was probably reading over jazz's shoulder on the bus.

jason18, Feb 7, 4:21am
Stuck to manufacturer towing limits and you will be fine. If towing regularly fit a trans cooler. I often see Nissan primeras towing car trailers. And they have a 700kg limit. Scary

captaink, Feb 7, 4:56am
Then why did my wifes Mitsubishi ASX have to have a genuine mitsubishi towbar?

So why 'did' your wife's ASX have to have a genuine Mitsubishi towbar.
Appreciate that it shows you were able to tow but you also paid probably three times what you needed to for a towbar as well. 'Factory' towbars are rip off.

survivalkiwi, Feb 7, 7:30am
Yes it was bloody expensive. About $1000 from memory but was told that that was what was needed for the warrantys.

brapbrap8, Feb 7, 12:19pm
Because they probably had to change the computers in the car too, or the car would have had issues when you tried to plug a trailer in.
Also they sometimes change the stability control systems etc to work better with trailers.

tamarillo, Feb 7, 7:03pm
Look, cvt boxes have a bit of a bad rep as they are expensive to fix if goes wrong, and early ones did. Go wrong.
But your Suzuki is a modern car and for light careful towing it's fine surely. In Europe you see caravans towed by small cars as normal,, where just a bit old fashioned about it from days you needed a Holden to tow a dinghy!
Go easy, it will be fine.

pauldw, Jul 1, 4:07pm
AFAIK Suzuki SX4 & Kizashi may already have separate cvt coolers rather than just routing an oil line through the radiator.

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