CVT Vs Auto transmission in fielder. pros& cons

express, Feb 22, 5:31pm
There seems to be a lot of auto gearbox's in the cars being sold on trademe as opposed to the CVT

audi_s_ate, Feb 22, 5:46pm
Get the standard auto - reasons have been done to death just search them up.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 7:15pm
Long term, torque converter auto seems best, though cvt has made huge gains it seems.
Only some drive anywhere near normally so do try one. Personally I don't like driving them, but many won't care, or know.

daryl14, Feb 22, 7:38pm
What you will most likely find is that people listing them are too lazy to put the correct transmission type. Generally people shy away from cvts as well so sellers may be deliberately misleading in their ads too. Bro, the car is automatic - means bro, its got that crap trans that nobody wants.

tamarillo, Feb 22, 7:40pm
do you mean know one wants an auto, you'd be wrong on that.

intrade, Feb 22, 7:45pm
yes i would say a lot of cvt get sold as auto, as in automatic they are all automatic transmissions so you would need to know what the transmission look like when they are a cvt , often close look on the housing will reveal they run a belt inside them = cvt. but not always i just noticed it from the pictures i seen from cvt .

daryl14, Feb 22, 7:48pm
No. 50/50 chance and you blew it. Lol.

kazbanz, Feb 22, 9:12pm
Express--the Toyota fielder was a NORMAL automatic gearbox up till 2006
2006 is a year where you have some old shape and some new shape feilders. The old shape will be normal transmission the new shape will be CVT
Then they are all CVT transmission in 2007
I haven't had any issues with CVT transmissions in Feilders but the tow rating is all but non existant.-flip side is that the fuel economy is improved.

express, Feb 22, 11:24pm
Thank you all for your input. Always good to get others expert advice or opinions. I realize that the subject has been discussed but for those of us whom come on the message board infrequently its good to know people will still take the time to respond. Have a great day.

jmma, Feb 22, 11:59pm
Very well said and I agree (o:

rsr72, Jun 2, 2:59pm
#1-Saturday's Herald 'Motoring' supplement gives their brief opinion on CVT .

-'Gismo's just a flash in the pan', page 19,
and Honda SUV page 25.

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