Honda Oddessey 1997.

girlwaiting, Jan 27, 6:55am
looking at buying one. are they any good. bad spelling. lol.

girlwaiting, Jan 27, 6:58am

grangies, Jan 27, 7:01am
You NEED to check the channels on either side of the roof for rust. It is becoming prevalent.

..james.., Jan 27, 7:01am
IMO the later model is better but thats usually always the case aye.The 4 cylinder ones use a hell of a lot less petrol than the 6's. Ours is a great space for 4 people especially when taking lots of stuff. Id never have anything smaller for our needs. Good safety rating too. good luck.

girlwaiting, Jan 27, 7:04am
ok thanks. james and grangies. I have a toyota caldina station wagon. but want the extra seats. and this one looks very tidy.

smalltrader2, Jan 27, 7:05am
This is the first generation MPV built by Honda. It was very refreshing at the same was it was built using a variant of the Honda Accord platform. It drives more like a car than a van of that era.

However 1997 Odyssey is a very old car by now. Even a car with the highest reliability rating cannot cheat age. Unless it is a very well cared for example (make sure you have a thorough inspection done), it might pay to look for a newer, perhaps a second or even a third generation Odyssey.

dublo, Jan 27, 7:21am
Wise advice from smalltrader2, and I believe later Odysseys' constantly variable transmissions (CVT) may not be without problems - best to go for one with the standard auto transmission.

girlwaiting, Jul 20, 4:58pm
thank you all.

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