What model is the "Swift Plus"

bwg11, Jan 2, 7:10am

sweetgurl108, Dec 27, 11:16pm
Hiya, Fairfax is running a newspaper competition. Prize is a Swift Plus.
Tried searching Suzuki's website and G. but still not clear what model they are talking about.

Strangely also not listed in the T&C of the contest.

Think it is the GLX based on the photo in the paper, but not sure. Maybe it includes tinted windows or something and that is the *plus* taken care of?

kazbanz, Dec 27, 11:24pm
Most likely its got extras fitted like alloys etc.
Mind you=its a competition prize. Id be gratefull winning anything at all

slarty45, Dec 27, 11:24pm
I have 1. Limited run & not many left & no longer listed on suzuki nz website. GL model with extras mag wheels, led indicator in side mirrors. no tints.

sweetgurl108, Aug 9, 12:44pm

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